Dear Mama

Dedicated to our Mum on her birthday.

Dear Mama, you are the very best,

The coolest Mum compared to the rest,

The most forgiving, the most nice,

The loveliest mother that comes with no price.

You mean the world to all of us,

We know that you're the one we can trust,

Everyday, a smile from you makes my day,

I treasure each encouraging word you say.

You're like a pillar that we lean on when we're down,

We are the jewels, but you are the crown.

You shine like the sun on a warm afternoon,

You glow support every night like the moon,

Every tear from you wrenches my heart,

I hope that we never have to part.

When you talk of your death, I cry inside,

When you talk of your day, I smile with pride.

Sometimes, we forget to appreciate you,

And we expect far too much work from you,

But sometimes, we sit alone and think,

Of how many times you've tickled us pink,

Of all the cooking you do everyday,

Of how you and daddy pay for our ways,

Of how many times you've given us goals,

Of how you've prayed for all of our souls.

The list is endless, and so is our love,

You are the most wonderful gift from above.

It's hard for us to express our emotions,

Our love is as deep as a thousand oceans.

So we want to take this opportunity to say,

You are perfection, in every way.

We love you to bits, we must say…

Mama, Happy Belated Birthday!

Love from your husband and kids.