My name is Fumi Hamada and I am 18 years old. I live with my mum and dad, who is the owner of this very gym. I also had a twin sister, Kyoko, who lost her life in a tragic accident since we were both eight years old. But through strange circumstances, she still haunts my life.

A young, good-looking pale woman made her way through the entrance of the massive aforementioned gym that is managed by her father and walked further down the big hallway past the usual exercise mechanisms, turning to a corner that cannot be easily seen from the entrance.

The girl herself looked to be in great shape, wearing what a top and shorts which were P.E. clothing in appearance.

Her short and slick hair was dark brown with a white headband.

It appears that she was holding a pair of cobalt-coloured boxing gloves.

Our dad would wait until mum left for work before taking us both to an event known as The Grand Fighting Championships, which was a sport featuring the toughest, talented and strongest combatants that specialize in many forms of fighting from Martial Arts to simple Street-Fighting. Me and Kyoko were so fixated by this, that we practiced the different art of fighting ourselves and one we both made a promise among sisters.

The promise was that we would both become the best fighters and win the championships and if something should happen to one of us, the other will carry on the promise and the greatest fighter around.

Fumi, as the young woman was known as, fitted her pale hands into the gloves was when she was sure they were on securely, she bashed them together, feeling ready for what's about to happen.

Today, it is boxing practice, but I won't take it out on a simple punch bag. There is someone already in the gym with me, looking for a match against me.

She stared at the wall in front the marble-like wall in front of her, seeing the enormous shining rays of the afternoon sun almost coating it. She walked towards it until her full shadow comes into view.

There she is now.

"Are you ready to lose, Kyoko" Fumi taunted to the thing in her sight.

"The question is, are you ready to lose, Fumi?" spoke the shadow, which surprisingly moved by itself indepentily. Like if the shadow had a life of its own.

Fumi wasn't spooked by this at all. This encounter is one of many since ten years ago after Kyoko's death and she was used to it.

Now, she raised her fists in a ready boxing stance while giving out a reply.

"Hell no!"

The shadow copied her stance; it too was ready to begin.

"All right, let's start!"

She is my shadow

My sister

My sparring partner

Immediately Fumi lashed out with her left arm and the shadow side-stepped to the right, later ducking a right-hand jab.

The next left-hand blow did connect on the shadow, but it was already in a boxer's typical blocking position with arms shielding the head and face.

The young woman continued to be on the offensive, each time her fists striking the defense as if the shadow felt real.

Fumi can see she was dominating as the black ghostly boxer was backing off. However it stopped dead and lowered its defense, signaling it is ready to fight back and hard.

But Fumi was aware of this and just when the shadow thrust it s fists at her, she shifted her head from left to right and back as her opponent attempts to strike back with punches of its own.

Now both fighters were attempting to land a punch on the other, but each swipe alone only hitting air. The atmosphere alone was filled with their competitiveness and determination to defeat the defeat the other.

But that soon was about to change.

Fumi thought about landing a strong forward swipe which could claim her victory, so she did it. But that move caused her to lose a little balance, allowing the shadow to avoid that by stepping backwards. Just then seeing she is vulnerable at the moment, it struck her in the face with a strong upper punch.

To the young fighting woman, that blow from the shadow felt as real as being hit by a real boxer. And yet it did not bruise her face, but left her momentarily dazed.

The supernatural entity's body language, which made up for its featureless face, seems to be giving off a hint of confidence and quickly unleashed a hard jab onto the girl's unprotected stomach.

She groaned at the impact, causing her to bend forwards open for another attack.

It was now time for the shadow to make the big finish, so with a mighty uppercut, it hit home with Fumi's face again. Only this time, she fell back to the ground, stunned and defeated.

The shadowy victor, referred to as Kyoko, showed off her dominance in a little leaping celebration

" Oh Yeah! I so rule!" gloated Kyoko, obviously bursting with pride, which didn't last long as soon as she was calm and looked down at her fallen opponent.

"Are you OK, Fumi?"

A slight nod was her answer from the woman.

For Fumi, it was a good thing she was not knocked out cold. The last punch can still be felt on her face, although no actual damage was visible. She raised her right gloved hand up for getting-up assistance from Kyoko, who gladly raised her living sister back to her feet.

"That was some workout there, sister." spoke Kyoko, rubbing and tapping the girl on her left shoulder.

"Yes it was." panted Fumi, showing a smile "But let's face it, I was winning until I goofed up on that swing. If I never did that, you would be the one hitting the floor."

The shadowy sibling just shrugged. It's the beginning of another friendly argument with egos clashing at the max.

"Sure, whatever. Slugging it out with me will always give you a knuckle sandwich in time for dinner."

The bickering would have continued if an echoing voice didn't interrupt them from outside the gym door .

"Fumi, time to break for dinner now."

"I'll be coming now, Mum!"

Fumi slowly made her to the door with Kyoko posing as a proper shadow, so not a soul will see that she's a whole lot more than just Fumi's shadow.

It is the bond the sisters had and their promise to each other that allowed Fumi to be the only member of the Hamada family to be haunted by the shadow form spectre of Kyoko since after her death.

It is still debatable to Fumi whenever she should tell her parents about Kyoko still being around. But it may or may not happen she more so determined to fulfill the "unfinished" promise which kept Kyoko from having eternal peace in the afterlife.

But that would have to be worried another time. The promise that Fumi would compete in and win the Grand Fighting Championships came first to both their minds, as well the secret that is Fumi Hamada's personal trainer and sparring partner is her own shadow.