Twin Love


I sighed staring at the algebra book right in front of me. Advanced Trigonometry for college students. I was just a mere junior. I absolutely hate it. I had to study my butt off just to pull off a B and if I was lucky an A.

A sudden thought came to my head. Not like the Loving boys I oh so ever knew. But they took off to Italy 10 years ago when I was just a mere 6. They were oh so friendly and oh so credibly handsome for mere 6 year olds. But they were older of course, by 6 months. Avon Loving being the oldest by 2 minutes and 14 seconds. Stan Loving the youngest. But dare I say the wickedest.

I turned my thoughts away from the Loving boys. They were after all long gone. No more problems for me.

But then I thought so more. Were they really ever a problem? They were credibly kind to me.

I sighed. That was not the problem at all. I knew the problem. The problem being they were wicked geniuses. Yes, just being 6 years old they knew 6th grade math. And pretty damn well.

I only got up to 5th grade math. They were so intelligent that I could not stand it. But once they, gladly, left I was number 1. I was the mad genius that everyone was so impressed by.

What if they came back? I laughed gently at this sudden burst of thought. I knew they wouldn't come back. They were in Italy for God's sake. But if they were ever a chance they did come back.

Damn it, I would absolutely hate not being number 1.

I glanced back at my book and pulled a string of light black hair away from my eyes and behind my ear.

I really got to be studying. I never again wanted to be number 2 again. I shuddered softly thinking on how my own parents preferred the two geniuses then their own daughter who was just slightly dimmer.

I shook my head furiously. I couldn't let that happen.

I opened my book and began reading the instructions.

Chapter 1

I stretched out as I yawned. I had lived, breathed, read Trigonometry 'till 2 am in the morning.

It was now 8:43. I looked at the clock and gasped. If I didn't hurry then I would be tardy. I groaned and stood up and wave of dizziness taken over me. I paid no attention as I quickly grabbed whatever clothes. Probably not the best fashion choice but I was a genius not a fashion model. I quickly brushed my hair and put it in a high ponytail. I didn't even both with make-up since I never even worn any.

I brushed my teeth since hygiene is sort of important to me and zoomed down the stairs.

"Ma, why didn't you wake me up?" I asked her, grumpily.

"I'm not an alarm clock, darling." was her reply. I glowered at her and took a piece of toast from the plate.

"Bye Ma" I said and took off running. Yes, running. I did not have a car of my own. Why? Cause I can not and I am Terribly Terrified of driving. I cannot even bear to get in a car much less drive one.

Luckily I only live 10 minutes away but at times like this it was not necessarily a good thing.

I did arrive late.

5 minutes and 23 seconds to be exact.

I barged in the room and looked at my teacher.

Thank God, my teacher was my favorite teacher and she absolutely understands that if I was late it had to be a good reason.

"Sorry I was 5 minutes and 24 seconds late, Ms. Jam" I told her and smiled softly.

" It's alright, Lila." She replied, smiling back. I saw two empty seats. One next to a wickedly handsome boy and one next to Nathan a simple sort of nerdy guy.

I absolutely knew were I was going to sit. I plotted myself next to Nathan and smiled. He was my friend, just by a bit though.

"Hello, Nathan" I whispered as I took out my Reading book and began reading Shakespeare.

Ah, I absolutely loved Shakespeare magical works. Its fabulous.

"Lila, do you have an answer." Ms. Jam asked. She knew that I was going to give the right answer as soon as my mouth opened.

"Very good, Lila. Correct as always" Ms. Jam said and beamed at me. I softly smiled at her. I did not want to be known as a suck-up. I have enough trouble being a nerd. As soon as the bell rang, I grabbed my book and waited for Ms. Jams to excuse us.

" Very well, class. You are dismissed." She said and we sprang up and started walking. I was having a conversation with Nathan as someone bumped into me.

"Oh, I'm sorry." A deep rumbling voice.

"It's alright…" I drifted off realizing I didn't know his name.

"Avon" He replied.

The name struck me across my face. This could not be the same Avon I knew. I laughed gently.

"Your not Avon Loving, are you" I asked, hoping…no praying that it wasn't.

"Yes, how do you know my name" Avon asked. I swayed and suddenly felt dizzy. Ugh, this could not be happening to me.

Avon Loving was back. Oh dear God, what if Stan Loving was back.

"Is Stan Loving back." I asked hoping again he wasn't. He was always the smarter one.

"Yes why." Avon asked, looking at me curiously. I felt throw up come up. Why? Why? Why?

I was perfectly happy without these two brilliant handsome boys coming. Was this a sign? A sign that I was going to get pushed off the top. I frowned at the thought.

"How do you know us?" Avon asked me.

I couldn't believe him. He didn't even know me.

"I'm Lila Frosten. We used to play around when we were mere kids." I told him. How could he not remember me.

" Lila Frosten." He replied like he was saying my name for the very first time. Suddenly I had the urge to slap him into remembering me.

Me who was always second best compared to them two. Me who was no where as charming as them two. Me was just a shy little girl compared to those wild beast.

I walked away. I couldn't handle it.

I didn't want to be tardy anyway. But my class was close there was no way I could ever be tardy. I slipped in a second before the bell rang. The teacher didn't notice and didn't even seem to care.

His name was Mr. Watson. He was gruff and doesn't tolerance any trouble in his classroom. So rarely is there loud noises.

I sat down in my usual seat in the front row but not in the middle since that's usually the suck-up seat.

Usually Francine Warners took it. But she was not that kind of suck-up. She mostly took it too get away from any jocks or cheerleaders who managed to squeeze into honors.

" Hey, Francine" I said. She smiled and nodded. This was slightly my less genius class since I got too squeamish in Biology class.

I actually fainted Twice when we dissected a cows heart. Yes, I was not going to be a doctor anytime soon.

Then He came in again.

But by a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous smile I could tell this was Stan Loving.

He glanced around the room, spotting me but didn't seemed unfazed, he sat by Lancy a pretty redhead with big breast which was right behind me .

I rolled my eyes. Stan hadn't changed in his wickedness a bit. I heard Lancy giggle and felt myself gag.

The bell rang and Mr. Watson glanced up.

"Okay students. Read pages 115-117 when you are done, raise your hand and I'll give you a worksheet. Please begin." Mr. Watson said and glanced back to his computer.

I opened my text book and began reading but only lasted a few seconds before I felt a tap on my back.

I turned around.

"Can I have a piece of paper. Oh, and a pencil." Stan Loving asked.

"We're not writing anything." I whispered.

"Not to write. To pass a note." Stan Loving said as if I was retarded. I Absolutely hated being seen that way.

I ripped a piece a paper off my notebook and gave him a pencil. Then I turned around and made a face at him. Soon I was finished and raised my hand.

I was surprised to be first done since I had a couple seconds wasted.

"Yes, Ms. Frosten." Mr. Watson said.

"I'm done, Mr. Watson." I said.

"Very well. Come up here and take the worksheet." He said as I got up and took the worksheet .

I took one look at it and mentally laughed. This was very easy. The answers came straight from the book. And yes soon I was done by then a couple of students got up and got the worksheet.

I got up and handed him the worksheet.

"Done already" Mr. Watson said.

I nodded . He handed me another worksheet.

This was terribly easily too. Mr. Watson was falling behind on the teaching. Obviously it had something to do with the kind Ms. Jam down the hallway.

And in 10 minutes I was done with that worksheet.

I got up and handed him the worksheet. I still had 20 minutes to go.

"Done again" He said and gave me a smile.

"Very well. Just rest your head. That was the worksheet we were going to do tomorrow." He said.

I nodded and went back to my seat, not knowing what to do. I felt him poke me again. I turned around.
" What?" I whispered.

"Can you do mine?" Stan asked giving me a charming smile.

It made me sick.

He was supposed to be a genius. He was supposed to be smarter. What was wrong with him?

" Aren't you supposed to be the genius." I snapped and turned around. He poked me again.
" How did you know?" He asked.

He didn't remember me also. Was I a forgettable girl? Ugh, I suppose after this he'll just forget about me also.

Dumb ass.

I immediately apologized mentally and then stopped.

I mentally groaned.

I was hopeless.