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I just couldn't concentrate after the accident. It didn't feel or seem like an accident at all, or was it just me? Does he actually like me?
No, that couldn't be possible. He was so handsome...what would he want from me?

"Hey, Lila. You seem bothered. What's wrong?" Stan asked me tilting his head as his golden locks fell in his eyes.
"Oh nothing nothing. I'm fine." I replied, completely zoned out that I forgot to give him his usual hug. His eyes darkened as he noticed.
"Lila, tell me!" Stan said, intensely.
"Oh, I said it was nothing, Stan" I said, escaping into the classroom. He followed me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"Please." He said breathing into my ear. I really didn't want to tell him. But I was wondering why?
"Oh fine. Its just that Avon squashed a fly." I said, carefully.
"Squashed a fly. Is that really bothering you.?" Stan asked me.
"Well, he squashed it with his lips." I said, closing my eyes softly.
"With his lips? Gross. Where was the fly?" Stan asked. I sighed annoyed. Come on, Stan should have caught on by now.
"Um, the fly was on my lips?" I said, and opened just one eye to study his expression. His eyes hardened and his body tensed up as he got the meaning of my words.
"So he...kissed you?" Stan replied, almost menacing.
"Erm, if you want to use that term, then I guess." I whispered.
"Oh." Was all Stan said, he quietly went to his seat, and I followed him.
"Stan? Are you okay?" I asked, as I lean forward in my seat to get closer to his face, since he was in front of me.
"Um, yeah. I'm fine. Just surprised." Stan said, and after that was silence, even when Lancy shoved her breast up his face. I got up when the bell rang and took his hand.
"Stan, your too quiet. What's wrong?" I told him softly, caressing his hand.
I saw him shiver but said nothing.
"It's nothing. I'll see you at Lunch, okay?" He said, and brushed his lips on my forehead and smiled softly. I nodded, and left to my class of boredom.

3rd period past rather quickly, probably because I was dreading to go to 4th period. I had to face Avon again.
What was I going to do? I asked myself. Nothing, I then thought.
The bell rang and I groaned slightly. I walked extra close but then sped up slightly. I didn't want to have my first tardy after all.
Oh, the horror my father would probably disown me.
"Hi, Lila." Avon said, quietly. I knew he wanted to see my reaction.
"Hey, Avon." I said, and went in for the hug. It was smaller then the rest as I pulled away quickly.
"So how were your other classes?" He asked.
"Oh, slightly boring." I replied, shrugging.

"Hi, Avon." Sandra said, the only word for it, huskily as she leaned towards him. I frowned and turned away.
How annoying can this girl be? I wondered and started to doodle.
I just didn't want to hear them two talking like they were actually friends. Then I felt something grabbing my hand and rubbing it. I looked down slyly and saw it was Avon's hand. I loved how his hand just fit with mine and he started to massage it more softly. I couldn't pull away, even if I wanted too.

"Avon, are you listening?" I heard Sandra shriek.

"No, not really." I heard him reply and I smiled.

This wasn't so bad.

Avon's POV

I felt bad that I had stolen her first kiss but I couldn't shake off the tingling in my lips that just wouldn't go away.

I loved it. I wanted to keep on doing it.
I knew I couldn't but that didn't stop me from thinking about it. I couldn't help it if that was what I dreamt of ever since I met her.
But I certainly didn't want it this much. The craving for a kiss grew more intense... Her lips were soft and such a pretty pink up close.
When I came into the class room, I knew she really was determined to forget about the whole thing. Too bad I just couldn't do it.
I knew this was going to mean trouble with Stan. He wasn't going to let this blow over as quickly. I sat down beside her after she gave me a hug.
It was a quick one but I loved her body pressed against mine. We just fit.
Instantly though, Sandra started talking to me. Ruining the moment. I thought annoyed.
She just blabbed on and I noticed that Lila was doodling very lightly. She looked so cute.
The sudden urge to touch her couldn't be helped. Before I knew it, I felt my hand betraying me, grab hers.
She was startled I could see as I rubbed my fingers against hers. The worst fear was that she pulled away like she did with the kiss.
But she let it be. She didn't remove her hand but slowly moved hers against mine.

"Avon, are you listening.?" Sandra shrieked. I glanced up at her face in disgust.

"No, not really." I replied and tore my gaze away from her face. I heard her fall back in her chair, pouting and murmuring something, which I really didn't care because Lila grabbed my hand and squeezed it softly. She finally looked at me with her pretty eyes and smiled, leaning forward, she gave me a hug that just made me what to kiss her.

Damn hormones. I blame them.

Lila POV

I got up when the bell rang, and I gathered my things. Humming to myself I started to walk slowly, waiting till Avon finished gathering his stuff.
"Your rather slow." I said, smiling. He smiled too and put an arm around my waist.
"Thanks for waiting, though" He said, the smile not fading away. I put away my stuff in my locker and Avon put his stuff in my locker as well since his class wasn't that far from my locker.
I smiled, as we walked to cafeteria together. I saw Stan and my smile brightened just a bit more. I quickly ran towards him and jumped on him giving him a kiss on the cheek. But something was wrong.
And I finally saw the girl in front of him, which he was talking to.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said, blushing and I quickly jumped off of him. "Hello, I'm Lila." I murmured, still embarrassed. I glared at Stan.
"Why didn't you tell me you were talking to someone?" I whispered.
"Well, you were the one who jumped on top of me. How could I tell you?" Stan said, incredulous.

Darn, he had a point.

I stuck out my tongue and gave him a hug.
"I'm Carli." The girl said, almost glaring at me. I tilted my head and smiled. "Pleasure to meet you." I replied, not letting go of my Stan. I waved at her and pulled Stan away from the evil glares of her.
"Why is she glaring at you like that?" I asked 'quietly' so only half of the people of the cafeteria could hear. Hehehe...

"Silly, she's glaring at you." Stan said, chuckling to himself.
"Me?" I asked, surprised. I had barely met her. How could she possibly hate me right away.
"Yes, you." He replied.
"But why?"

"Because you are the cutest thing in the world and she is very jealous. That's why." Stan said, giving me a hug. I smiled widely, loving the compliment.
"Even cuter then kittens?" I asked.
"Yes, cuter then both."
"And what about unicorns?" I asked.
"Yes." I could feel my eyes widening.
"Wow, I must be cute then." I said giggling at the thought.
"Hey you two." Avon said.

"Where did you go?" I asked him.
"Oh, had to go bathroom." He replied, shrugging.
"Did you know that I'm cuter then unicorns.?" I said, not noticing how Stan got suddenly rigid when Avon and spoken.
"Really, and who told you that?" Avon asked, also chuckling.
"Stan did." I replied, looking up at Stan.
"Hey, Stan. Didn't you tell me that." I said.
"Yes, I did." He replied, still not looking at Avon. I stopped and so did he. Then I got up in my tippie-toes and stared directly into his eyes.
I also noticed that if I leaned a little closer then I could touch his lips. I wondered if he noticed that too. But I did lean forward and his gaze went towards my lips. As a tingle rush down my spine...
"Are you okay?" I asked as I bonked my forehead with his.
"Ouch. What was that for?" Stan said, angrily.
"You were acting weird." I replied, nodding.
"Well, thanks a lot. Now I got a bruise." he said. I smiled and started skipping towards Avon.
"Your brother is such a silly boy." I said and then skipped again.

Then I saw Darren. I smiled and skipped towards him.
"Hi, Darren." I said, grabbing his hand and swinging our arms together.
"Oh hey Lila. I was looking all over for you." He replied, smiling also. I suddenly felt Avon and Stan's presence over me and I looked up. Sure enough, the big guys were behind me.
"Oh hey Avon. Stan." Darren said, with not much enthusiasm.
"Hey." Said Avon and Stan with even less enthusiasm. I smiled at all three of them.
"Silly boys." I said, smiling wider. We got out lunches and sat down. Avon and Stan were beside me.
And Darren was in front of me. I happily started to eat my lunch and laughed as the two boys were as rigid as rocks.
"Why are you guys so hard." I said, taking a bite from my sandwich. I saw Avon and Stan lips twitch and Darren laughing right out.
"What?" I asked, annoyed that now they were laughing at something, I didn't know about.
"Nothing, Lila." Avon said, still smiling.
"So many things I could say..." Darren said.
"Well, don't say any or I'll break your jaw." Stan said, and growled menacingly.
"Is that a threat?" Darren said, and immediately stopped laughing. Stan and Avon both glared at him, and nodded.
I looked at all three of them. And then I got it. These three were going to get into a fight. Woah, how slow was I?
"Hey, hey. No threatening allowed around me." I said, getting up.
The three guys also stood up, not paying attention to me at all.
"Yes, let's fight." Darren said.
" But it would rather be unfair with two against one."
"You'll fight me first." Avon said quickly and Stan glared at him. By now, the cafeteria was all hush and no talking.
They were all staring at us. Yes, me included.
"You guys, stop this. Everybody is staring." I whispered to them all. But my plead was, once again, ignored as Avon shoved Darren.

No, if my calculations were right, they were both going to be beaten. But if you add Stan into this then, Darren was a goner.
I groaned. I had no idea what to do as Darren swung his fist colliding with Avon's chest.
Avon grabbed Darren's hand and swung his hand with Darren's chest.
I closed my eyes as Darren groaned. Something else happened and I heard Avon groan.
Then I suddenly stepped in between and I felt a fist collide with my stomach.
The wind was gone and I fell to the floor.
"Lila, oh, I'm so sorry." I heard, Darren say. Then I heard Avon growl and, I think punched Darren, since I heard him groan.
I got up and looked at Avon.
"S-Stop." I wheezed out.
"L-Let's, go." Finally Avon stopped and gently picked me up.
"I'll take you to the nurse." he said softly. I glanced to Darren, who had an angered expression on his face.
I smiled, and waved.
Then I blew him a kiss.

Avon held me tighter and hurried his pace and I watched as Darren disappeared as we went around the corner.

Instantly when he put me down and I had regained my breath, I pushed him.
"What was that about? Darren is my friend and you had to be a jerk and go provoking him." I said to Avon. Avon looked down and frowned.
"I'm sorry I really am." Avon said, looking into my eyes. I was instantly fed up with guilt as I nodded.
"Its okay. Its not just your fault." I said, smiling.
"Well, it's mostly his fault." Stan said, grabbing me and hugging me tightly.
"Stan, you be nice." I said, frowning. Didn't he see that Avon was hurt. How mean was he.
"I wouldn't be worried about him. He's tough. He's taken bigger hits then that." Stan said, shrugging.

I frowned. That didn't really cheer me up at all. I leaned forward, getting closer to Avon and until we were eye to eye.
"Avon, are you going to be alright?" I said, smiling slightly. He nodded and leaned forward. He wrapped himself around me and I clutched myself to him, just letting a tear escape. I was finally alone in my room, trying to study .

Though my head was too filled up with other junk that I just couldn't concentrate. There was knocking on my door and with a frustrated sigh, I closed my book. "Yes?" I said.
"Madam, a guest is at the door asking for you." The servant said.
"Oh, thanks Patricia. I'll go right now." I said, standing up and putting my hair in a messy bun.
I ran down the stairs and stopped to see Darren standing there.
"Oh, hey Darren." I said, unsure of what to do. What if the twins found out? What they didn't find out, wouldn't harm them.
"You shouldn't always worry about the twins." Darren said, reading my mind, and entering. I smiled sheepishly and shrugged, closing the door.
"Patricia, me and Darren are going upstairs to my room. Bring us ice cream, please." I said and grabbed Darren's hand, leading him to my room.
"Lila, I wanted to really apologize." Darren said, pacing. I grabbed his hand and sat him on my bed.
"Darren, please calm down. You're making me nervous." I muttered, rubbing his back slowly. I felt Darren shiver and he laid down. I laid down next to him, wondering if this was wrong.
"Lila...we're messed up friends." He said, smiling slightly.
"What do you mean?" I asked him.
"Its just weird. I never imagined myself laying in bed with you." He replied, sitting up and rolling himself to me.
"I'm just wondering, are you ticklish." He asked. Immediately I started to squirm. Uh-oh, I did not want him to tickle me...too late. I was laughing to hard to protest.

But the phone rang and Darren finally stopped, when their was a knock on my door.
"Lila, the phone is for you" the servant said. Darren smiled and snatched the phone out of her hand.
"Hello, I'm sorry Lila is too busy to come to the phone."
"No, she's being tickled to death."
"Who is this?"
"Oh, yeah, sure." I frowned and wondered who it was.
"Um, I think it might have been your boyfriends." Darren said shrugging after he had hanged up.
"Ugh, thanks a lot. Now their going to worry about me."
"I told you that you shouldn't worry." Darren said, putting down the phone and walking his way over to me. I grabbed him and started to hug him.
"Darren, I'm just a plain worry-rat."
"A cute one." Darren whispered in my ear. I smiled and hugged him tighter.
"Lila, do you mind if we stay like this?" Darren asked me, hugging me tighter.
"No, Darren, I don't mind at all." I said, laughing and not moving away.

The knock that came soon after was continued as someone barged into the room.
"Oh, I thought you said come in." Avon said with a frown as he saw me and Darren entwined together. Then I frowned because I was pretty sure, I didn't say anything!
"Hello, Avon." I replied, shifting slightly away from Darren and glancing around the room.
"I told him to just leave you alone. But he didn't listen to me" Stan said as he walked in too.
"What are you guys doing here! I had enough of you." I said, plotting back on the bed and pouting.
"Great, right when me and Darren were having a best friend moment."
"Just making sure you were all right, princess." Avon said softly and I softened up as well.
"Well, okay. But you guys should have called." I said, sitting back up.
"We did." Avon said, stiffening as he saw Darren again.
I blushed as I remembered the phone call Darren had picked up.
"Come one, let's go get ice cream." I said, brightening up and skipping down the stairs wondering what in the world I was going to do.