"Don't drink yourself to sleep," she warned as she snatched the jack from me and took a sip.

I left my mouth agape and crossed my arms over my chest, feigning hurt. She ignored my antics and sighed outwardly. It was cool enough that I felt the warmth of her breath on my skin, causing goose bumps of delight.

Her makeup had long faded, revealing the natural pallor of her skin. Her hair lay wild and disheveled, the floor littered with bobby pins. The straps of her dress drooped over her shoulders, her small bosom the only support for the tapestry of cloth. She sat with her chin in her knees, in all her disheveled glory.

I sat next to her, my collar loosened, and my leather shoes untied. Prom had been a waste of time. Being there was like penance for graduating, rather than a celebration of freedom. So, here we sat, in the middle of a forest waiting for the rest of our group to escape and join us.

"It's fucking cold out here and this grass makes my ass itch," she said pouting. I laughed, and she smiled impishly, showing me her pearly whites. The goose bumps returned and crawled up my arm. She raised the bottle to her lips once more and took a swig, clicking her tongue in satisfaction. She rested the bottle on her knees, and stared off into the distance. I reached out for the bottle, touching her hand on purpose.

"Sorry," I said softly, even though I wasn't. To my surprise, she didn't move her hand away, but measured it against mine, grinning curiously at the difference in size.

"I'm going to kiss you," I said bluntly. She raised her eyebrows, but before she had the time to react, I seized her lips with mine. I would never pay for fireworks again.