It was a foggy autumn night and as we approached the bus hut we could see that it was glazed over with condensation. He ran across the street, and I sauntered over, like always.

"Come on!" he said, gesturing with his hands. I laughed and shook my head at the incoming cars. I wasn't afraid. Once inside the bus hut I huffed,

"I can't even see if the bus is coming." He buttoned his black wool jacket and stepped outside to the far end of the glass. He rubbed a perfect circle, his warm hands wiping the condensation away. He looked at me through the hole he had made and stuck his two thumbs up, grinning wildly, and I smirked. He had made me a view hole, and now I could see the bus if I wanted to.

He came inside to join me, and as he came closer, his breath combined with mine and our lips gently collided. He reached his hand behind me to press me closer. I willingly moved, deepening the kiss. He tasted like licorice.

When we let go, he bowed his head and smiled, shuffling to the side.

"Come here," I said, my cheeks turning red.

"What?" he said staring at me through his thick rims. I was nervous. I had never said it to anyone and actually meant it.

"Come here," I urged him, grinning stupidly. He obliged, and when he got close enough I held onto his collar and whispered into his ear,

"I love you."