Typical Rambling

I realize you are who you are and I am

who I am. We will not change much from

this point on, I will love you for as long

as you can talk. Promise? Deal. Life gets

easier when you think about the small things,

I was told. Lets be immature and ruin this

for us. No. I don't want it to ruin anything

more than I already have, Lets be rational

here, everything is already ruined. Please.

Stop and Think. I am not here to please

you. Why are you saying thanks? I am no

inspiration to your life. I am me. And you are

you. There is no change here. I could talk

and talk for hours because I don't know any

other way to keep you interested. A story's a

story right? Well, I guess we're just a story

now. We'll forget about this soon enough.

Just be patient. I have no patience. Trust me.

I rationalize things to much. I am not you and

I am not inspiring you. You're inspiring yourself.

This is so typical for me. The lack of originality

I imagine is what really made you get me all wrong.