I have a growing complication inside my head that produces pressure onto my conscious. Depleting my reasons. I like it when shadows burn on the wall and tell me the time of morning, day, and night. I'm sick of waking up every morning with an empry space. No, I don't want a body to fill that position. I JUST WANT SOMETHING TO CALL MY OWN. Something to fill this space inside me, not beside me. Even if it's just for one night. I have no hands to hold but my own. I have a mindset that I am the embodied spirit of the sun. I will always have unfilled needs. I want to travel away to a land of perpetual summer. I want to dance with the whirlwinds and have conversations with the sky. I'll dream while listening to the breeze tell me stories of its past. I'll sit and wait for the day that "luck" crosses my path. I'll wait in this perfect place, where the tire swing floats in the breeze. Where perfection won't be limited, but demonstrated. I'll watch the shooting stars, and the birth of new stars. And continue waiting for the birth of a new me.

You have a heart of strings, and come every being, they keep stripping you away from me.