Seven Deadly Sins

Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Vanity, Sloth, Envy.

"More please."
"I'm taking it all."
I hope you go to hell…"
"I want you."
"I love my eyes and lips."
"I'll find it later."
"I wish I was her…

A large man sat at a table too small for him, indulging himself with a mountain of food. His mouth opened and closed as his teeth sank into the mountain's contents. Mash potatoes slipped down his chin and butter coated his lips and crumbs from fried chicken dotted his cheeks.

"Check, sir?" a lanky waiter in a cheap tuxedo asked.

With the back of his meaty hand, the large man wiped his lips, only removing half of the food from his face. His trunk-like neck craned to look at the waiter, beady blue eyes gleaming with hunger. He shook his head, his double chin wiggling grotesquely. "No," he said. "More please."

The waiter soon came back with another pile of food, and before the waiter even set it down, the man dug his hands into it. He pulled out a piece of fried chicken. It only saw a flicker of light before the entire thing was shoved into the blackness of the man's mouth. One… Two… Three… chews and the muscles of his mouth and throat worked to get it to his awaiting stomach. Not even an inch did it go before it lodged itself in his throat.

He fell completely silent, his round, fat face growing crimson. He slammed his hands down on the table, but no one was around to see it.

Suddenly, he collapsed to the floor, his large, heavy body shaking the ground.

"More please…"