Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Vanity, Sloth, Envy.

"More please."
"I'm taking it all."
I hope you go to hell…"
"I want you."
"I love my eyes and lips."
"I'll find it later."
"I wish I was her…"

A red mini skirt barely hid secrets long ago exposed. Red, satin, high-heeled shoes exposed most of two, pampered feet with red nail polish on the toes. A shimmer, silk, crimson halter top exposed a smooth, copper-toned back, shoulder blades defined. Black, wavy hair fell to shoulder length and bounced with every stride her long legs made. This woman had bright, baby blue eyes, thick, long eyelashes exposed.

Full, red lips curled back into a seductive smirk as she neared a bed occupied by a single, toned man. His skin was bare except from black boxers. He stared at this woman he'd known for no more than a week, drinking in her sexy appearance. Her long arms bent behind her neck and fragile fingers pulled at the tie holding her top. It fell easily to the ground and the man's brown eyes traveled downed her form as she went to remove the skirt around her abnormally tiny waist. He felt the excitement within him rise with anticipation.

She stood before the bed, bare, and her eyes locked on his. "I want you," she purred, slinking toward the bed, swaying her hips. Crawling on to the bed, she spoke as she got closer to him. "Shhh, don't tell my husband."

A wicked smirk soon crossed his beautiful lips. "As long as you don't tell my wife," he returned, and the woman gave a throaty laugh as she finally reached him. They shared a sloppy kiss which held no love at all. It was only filled with powerful lust. They cared not for each other, but only for satisfying their ruling desires.

When they parted, the man smiled, looking up at the ceiling. He saw himself looking back at him and also the woman's back and the curve of her buttocks. He looked back at the woman and said in a tight voice, "getting that mirror was a magnificent idea."

"I got it for you… for us. This way I can see all of you whenever I want," she told him, a wicked grin coming to spread across her painted red lips. That was all he needed before he couldn't wait any longer. He grabbed her and threw her back onto the bed, his rough hands forcing her legs to part for him. Her heart beat with eager want and desire and she let him mount on top of her. Their hands were all over each other. He gripped her round breast hard until she let out a pleased moan. Her long, red nails raked down his back as she welcomed his entrance. His teeth bit down on her neck and the woman couldn't stop the gasp of excitement to escape her lips. Her long, smooth legs wrapped around him, pushing him harder into her and they both groaned in pleasure. They made their rough animalistic 'love.' It was powerful enough that it shook the bed, the post banging hard against the wall.

Suddenly, that same mirror that she got for them snapped from its cords and came crashing down on them, shattering their skin like it shattered itself.

"I want you."