"Elizabeth, No! I love you. I know I must become a vampire for you, but I can't. Please don't!" screamed Richard in terror. "Only you", the vampire whispered, "Only you belong in my heart and understand me. This is the only way for us to be together."

The man abruptly turned around to see the striking emerald eyes on the Vampire Princess's pale face. Cautiously, she approached her fiancé and sank her canine like teeth into the veins of his neck to ensure that the venom was injected properly. A scream was caught in the young man's throat and his eyes dimmed ever so slightly.

Finally he's going to be one of us Elizabeth thought gleefully. She put one of her white hands and patted him comfortingly on the knee.

"Don't worry", she proclaimed, "The pain will be over very soon."

However, things did not go as planned. The blood that flowed through Richard's veins was different than a normal person's. Instead of embracing Elizabeth's venom and turning him into a vampire, it poisoned him instead. A light groan was emitted and Elizabeth turned around happily and prepared herself to see the differences of her soon to be husband. Her radiant smile turned into a frown and her eyes that had just glittered so joyously had watered up into a look of despair.

The crumpled man looked up with pain evident in his amber eyes and gasped his dying words, "I love you now Elizabeth and I always will." The man took one last deep sorrow-filled breath and his heart stopped pounding. Elizabeth swooped down and silently sobbed next to her fiancé's corpse. She had killed him unintentionally and she had never had the chance to tell him about the children he would never get to see.

14 Year Later

She pressed the bell and a loud shriek, the Scream of Horror, sounded. A young boy, about 14, answered the door. He seemed suspicious of who this lady was and whether she was a threat or not.

"Who are you?" he questioned in a bitter voice.

"I am Tara Starnes, and if you are Venom, then I am your new nanny." She responded meekly.

"Come in. I shall get my mother for you. DO NOT leave this hall. We will know if you do."

"Of course. It is awfully dark in here. I think I may open the curtains for some light, after all it is quite dour in here."

The nanny reached to open the shimmering black curtains for some light, but Venom lashed out and forcefully pushed her away before any light was let in. He then showed his wolf like teeth and growled fiercely to show to her that was NOT allowed.

"Do NOT touch the curtains ever again. It isn't allowed. Now stay where you are and I shall get my mother."

She watched him walk up the spiral staircase. A girl about his age bumped into him on them. He pushed her out of the way so she responded by pushing him back. Suddenly, they stopped and continued on as if it never happened. It was very strange to Tara.

"Hello! My name is Samantha. I'm sure my brother has been positively dreadful to you. Please forgive him. He is absolutely annoying around everyone in my opinion. Please set your things down. My mother shall be down in a second. You may set your coat and hat on the rack..."

As Tara hung them up she noticed something strange; there were no other hats or coats in the hall or on the rack.

"Don't people come here often?" questioned a baffled Tara.

"Well, not really. There was this awful publicity stunt so now people think Transylvania is haunted by vampires. But, vampires? That is just nonsense. But because of that bad publicity, the last entry is almost over two years old in the guest book." intelligently replied a nervous Samantha.

Suddenly they both raised their heads to the stairs. A beautiful lady was descending down them. Behind her walked Venom, but the lady was of the main interest. When she walked, she seemed to glide. She seemed royal, and she was, yet Tara did not know before her was the Queen of Vampires.

"Welcome to Transylvania and to my lovely home. It is a true pleasure to meet you. Children, if you don't know, this is your nanny, Miss Starnes."

"No, no, you ALL must call me Tara."

"Poison, please come here child."

A young girl, no older than Venom or Samantha, came in from a room that resembled a kitchen. She didn't look like Venom or Samantha, so Tara didn't know who she was, other than her name was Poison.

"Poison, dear, I forgot to congratulate you about your betrothal to Venom. Congrats darling. Anyway, could you please take Miss Starnes, I mean Tara, up to her sleeping quarters. Give her room DU4. It has the most pleasant view of the royal estates. Only the best for the Prince and Princess's nanny. Oh, and Poison take her all around the house. And of course, would you be kind enough to pop into the sitting room on the ground floor and sign the book, Tara? After you unpack, of course. Now hurry up and go unpack, we can chit-chat later."

Elizabeth gave them a long stare and then shooed the up the stairs. She watched them walk up the stairs for a while and after being satisfied that Tara would not escape Transylvania while being in the hands of Poison, she took her children by the hands walked into the sitting room for an afternoon tea.

"Tara, if I may call you that, you MUST leave. I doubt you know this, and you wouldn't believe me either, but please try. Venom, Samantha, and Elizabeth are all vampires; in fact they're the royal vampire family. To prove it I will ask you one question. Do you recall the name Richard Smith?"

"Yes, I mean, wasn't that the name of the Eton schoolboy who was on the walking tour, when all of a sudden..."

"That was him. What you don't know is that Elizabeth killed him. They were engaged to be married the next day. She bit him in attempt to turn him into a vampire, but alas he is no longer alive.

"How do you know this? Are you...are you a vampire too?"

"No, Tara, I am not. I am just as human as you are. I plan on striking tonight to finally end the wretched vampire race. You cannot stay here. Make up a story and tell it to Elizabeth. Then go as far away as you can. Don't stay for me, I can go myself."

"Thank you Poison...for everything. Goodbye and good luck."

"Tara, where are you going? You are not unpacked. Are you leaving because my children really do need a nanny?" Elizabeth said suddenly.

"Yes, I am. I must. If I don't go then my sister shall die. She put a letter in between my clothing so I would find it soon enough, for she knew she would become ill. I must go to care for my sister. Good bye."

Tara Starnes walked out the giant door and looked back at the eerie castle one more time. She saw Poison at the top of the stairs so she knew that she should hurry. She stepped out into the bright outside and walked to the nearest bus stop. She got on the first bus and rode as far as she could without delay. She would never set her eyes upon the mysterious Transylvanian region again. Meanwhile, back at Elizabeth's palace, Elizabeth was pondering over many things in her head. She thought about why Tara had left so hastily and decided that Poison was not one of her allies. Poison, she decided, must be turned into a vampire so she set forth to make Poison a vampire.

"Poison, come her. We must talk about you betrothal." Elizabeth said calmly.

"Yes, I know. May I talk alone with Venom for just a little while?" she requested.

"Oh course, my dear. I was just to suggest it myself. Samantha and I shall leave you alone." the vampire queen replied.

On the way out, Elizabeth told Venom that he must turn his betrothed into a vampire or they could never be together. He slowly shook his head up and down and walked over to Poison.

"Venom, I must tell you something. I am not really a vampire. I know that you want to turn me into a vampire. We could never be together. It would not work Venom." she stated.

Venom whimpered in disbelief. "Poison, No! I love you. I know you don't want to become a vampire, but you must. Please just let me do this! We could create a bridge between our worlds."

Poison replied, "Never. You don't love me! You love the vampire in me. But I am not a vampire nor do I want to be one. Not even for you."

Poison glanced at Venom one more time. She leaned over and kissed him softly, and a lone tear fell from her eyes. She took the wooden stake that she had cleverly hidden next to the couch, paused for a second, and then stabbed him in his still beating heart. Before he died he faintly declared his final words, "Poison, I love you now and I always will."

She stood up and a feeling stabbed her heart. It was loneliness. As she walked away from her love that she had killed and at the door, she weakly proclaimed, "Not even for you."

The End

So. that was my first story. I wrote that in 7th grade with a few of my friends last year. I don't think it's very good. Just tell me what you think!