the way a sun

rises in your eyes

when you see her

your hands-

caress and encompass her body

as wind

how your love for her

is overwhelming

like tides

oh, how you desire, love, kiss, want, need, hug, live for, fuck, and enjoy her

oh, how I have desired, loved, kissd, wanted, needed, hugged, lived for, fucked and enjoyed it if...

I want your sun-

to extinguish its passionate fires

though I know it'll last some thousand years

for me, but those years

won't be full of light.

(I want all life

in your heart to die)

I wish your hands-

would travel only to the equator

but I know they travel North

they travel South

and they travel East and West

as you embrace her.

(I wish your wind were like

breath and that I could take it from you)

oh how your love for her

is overwhelming.

I hope my hatred is overwhelming.

I hope like tides it takes you under

and takes you to the cold bottom

where no life exists.

(oh, how I would show you

how no life exists within me)

there is no fire left in me

no breath left in me

no love for me left in you