I hear the voice in the wind
The dark whispering for me to join in
to forget of everything in the light
And take pleasure in the night
Running down the roads abandoned
Leaving the feeling of being stranded
The street lights flicking behind me
As I bask in the dusky evening

All the worries I face fade
Hidden behind that midnight shade
All the loud voices I once heard
Now whispers begging for my return
Feeling my shadowed Cheshire grin
Growing with all the sights I take in
Stepping into the freedom I yearn to possess
The darkness hiding secrets I can't confess

I pray for day to come a minute later
A hope the world will never cater
But as the clock's hour ticks back
Night closes on me like a sweet trap
Daylight is inevitable, I know
But darkness frees me of that foe
And as the chilling winds roll in
I find myself again feeling the Cheshire grin