Author's Note: Sorry the updates are so short. I go to a prep school (does it surprise you I'm writing a story about nerds?), and we get tons of homework. I'll try and get updates out as soon as I can, however sometimes they may just be short little tidbits. Thanks for the awesome reviews everyone!

Every group of kids has their own look. One look that everyone in the group pulls off, or at least puts a considerable amount of effort into pulling off. The skater kids with their baggy pants and backwards hats; the preps with their sweater-vests and khakis; the cool kids with their ripped jeans and perfectly placed hairdos. Our look just happens to include lab coats and safety goggles.

There's always one kid in every group who stands out from the rest. The one person whose braces always reflect the artificial light of a laboratory perfectly; the one person whose glasses always have that fresh white layer of tape that the others just can't pull off. Chase Matthews is a textbook example of this.

Girlish swoons and sighs can be heard through out the crowd whenever he steps up to the podium at the annual spelling bee. Boys hurl jealous and malicious glares at him as the girls flock around him while he recites the dictionary by heart.

He has been the object of my affection ever since we were shoved into neighbouring lockers back in seventh grade. We have a special connection, a bond that cannot be broken, unique to the two of us; he just doesn't know it yet. It's a good thing I do; otherwise we might never have our happy ever after.