To My Mother

Hello, dearest mother

It is your daughter here

I know you like my poems

So I've written one for you dear

As I have grown older

I've become a challenge to you

I always seem to be

Talking back and being rude

But I know I have the potential

I promise I can be so much better

I'll give you the respect you deserve

Open my heart, say, in a letter

You're with me through thick and thin

Saying that it will all pass

And now I know not to doubt when you speak

These truthful words at last

As I grow much older

I hope to turn to you

In my many times of need

Because I know you'll guide me through.

You've raised a loving family

Dad, sister and me.

We appreciate what you do, so much

We just hope you see.

All the requests I've asked of you

All my wants and asks

I'm glad you can say no to me

When I don't need – oh, I don't know – those facial masks?

Thankyou, mum, for being you

You hold me, stroke me, when I am blue

Your eyes seek deeply into mine

To see the light you know I can shine.

Love Laura