The Legend of Carmazand

The children gathered round,

The storyteller's feet,

Wanting to hear tales of warriors,

Of justice, quests and feats.

Of monstrous armies defeated in battle,

By brave warriors with great might,

Of maidens and kings and dragons,

Of battles between dark and light.

But the storyteller had a tale in mind,

That shone out above the others,

Of one courageous warrior,

Passed to children from mothers.

This amazing warrior,

Was renown throughout the land,

The mythical warrior of legend,

The legendary Carmazand.

The world was very peaceful,

Or so the storyteller said,

The people of the country,

Were all tucked up in bed.

Then came the sound,

A mighty thundering roar,

A challenge and a battle cry,

That betold of the coming war.

The oracles knowledge was scarce,

And it was a sign,

That nothing could withstand the force,

That marched line on line.

The villagers cried out in fear,

And defenceless ran very fast,

But they could not escape the wrath,

Of the warriors who marched on past.

The army kept on moving,

Conquering and wanting more,

But were fazed, and amazed,

By the figure standing before.

The figure did not move,

He stood in their way,

he said- 'stop you cannot pass',

'I won't let you on your way'.

The General of the Army,

Disliked any delay,

To his plans of conquering the world,

For he had waited for this day.

"Who are you to challenge me?"

He said with considerable rage,

"I have an army of thousands,

You aren't a threat to me".

The figure smiled, he wasn't afraid,

As he watched the mighty army draw near,

'Be that as it may,' he replied,

'You cannot abide here, I fear'.

'Go on your way, we don't want you here',

Continued the mysterious figure,

'Leave us alone, let no blood shed today,

Let there be no reason for tears'.

But the General didn't listen,

To what that wise man had to say,

And so on the plains of Salofindor,

A mighty battle was raged.

Later that day the sun shone down,

With an amazing and holy light,

The mysterious figure who defended his land,

Was the only survivor in sight.

The fellow was wounded,

He could barely stand,

But there in the light stood the warrior,

The legendary Carmazand