Ode to a dragon

Dragon, Dragon just hatched from an egg,

Small and frail, for food you beg,

Stealing sheep to feed her young,

Your mother's hide upon frame is hung.

Dragon, Dragon young and fast,

Playing freely, remember the past,

Frightened humans who killed your mother,

Defend your territory from all other.

Dragon, dragon in the sky,

Scales are shining, flying high,

Tooth and claws and tail and wing,

Of all there is, you are king.

Dragon, dragon in the night,

Fearsome stare makes all take flight,

Burning red, breath of fire,

Take no prisoners, build a pyre.

Dragon, dragon 'neath golden sun,

Long-life gone and day be done,

Lay your head on glitter gold,

Tired old dragon, who lived life bold.

Dragon, dragon whose life grows dim,

Close your eyes, no longer grim,

Dream of young, playing joyful once more,

Lift spiritual wings and show them what for.

Dragon, dragon lifeless and gone,

Leaving only your corpse, where have you gone?

In mother earth's embrace, you are not alone,

Freedom is yours, of neither tissue nor bone.

Dragon, dragon in some other place,

Who had lived life alone, last of his race,

Slowly forgotten, an unruly myth,

Child of Gaia, blessed by a kiss.