IM In Love With Everything About You

punkbandlover: Hey!

gigglyblonde86: Heyyy there. What's up?

punkbandlover: Not a lot. Just getting home from volleyball practice...and I ran into Heath.

gigglyblonde86: Ah, Heath...gotta love that guy.

punkbandlover: I don't normally go for redheads, but he's one fine redhead!

gigglyblonde86: I guess.

punkbandlover: Oh come on, don't play that. Girls talk about him, but what about you. What's up with you two?

gigglyblonde86: Nothing is 'up' with us. We're friends. We've been friends since the tenth grade.

punkbandlover: You say he's cute and everything, but really, sometimes I wonder what's going on in that head of yours when you look at him. Want to know what I noticed about you, Liv?

gigglyblonde86: No.

punkbandlover: I've noticed a few times how you look at him, looking at him as if you adore him more than anyone.

gigglyblonde86: Have you been reading romance crap again?

punkbandlover: You'll walk into the school looking all poopy and depressed, but as soon as Heath comes strolling around that corner, your face LIGHTS up, girl. You look like a blonde light bulb in the hallway.

gigglyblonde86: Moving on...

punkbandlover: What a smooth way to change the topic.

gigglyblonde86: Tell me about it.

punkbandlover: Admit it Liiiiv, you're crazy about him and you have sex dreams about him every niiiight.

gigglyblonde86: Not every night...but frequently enough.

punkbandlover: LOL! Ha, I knew I was right. I'm so good that I scare myself sometimes.

gigglyblonde86: Yeah yeah, whatever. Okay, so I like him-his humor attracts me to him along with other things, but we're friends.

punkbandlover: So...what's the problem?

gigglyblonde86: WE'RE FRIENDS! Read!

punkbandlover: And…

gigglyblonde86: And I like what we have. We share secrets, we're comfortable around each other, we give each other advice...we've been friends for so long that I don't want to ruin what we have right now.

punkbandlover: You're so difficult. What if he likes you?

gigglyblonde86: HA...

punkbandlover: I'm serious, Liv!

gigglyblonde86: And I'm serious about my 'ha', Kristin.

punkbandlover: Pain in the ass. How long have you cared-dare I say love-for him anyway? Is it love?

punkbandlover: Are you there? Don't ignore me! I know where you live!

gigglyblonde86: Calm down, my phone was ringing. It was Heath.

punkbandlover: Talking to him?

gigglyblonde86: No, I'd just be a stuttering idiot if I answered while I'm talking to you about him. I would say...that yeah, it is love. I care so much about him, he's so sweet to me, and when I see other girls around him, I can't help but feel jealous-even when they're simply talking to him! It's sad! I'm already possessive of him and he's not my boyfriend. He has the cutest butt too.

punkbandlover: Last I looked, it was flat as a wall.

gigglyblonde86: I don't care-I love his flat non-existent butt. I love his little belly he developed while eating too much pizza while cramming for his upcoming exam two weeks ago. What else...

punkbandlover: Just say you love everything about him, jeez.

gigglyblonde86: Yeah...I'm in love with him...and you're the only one that knows, so don't tell anyone!

punkbandlover: My lips are sealed honey! No need to worry!

Heath placed dime after dime into the vending machine, his eyes searching through the variety of junk food to choose from, entering the last of his change before pressing his selection. He bent down and reached into the vending machine, pulling out his small bag of candy and turning around, blinking in surprise and smiling when he recognized the equally tall girl.

"Kris, what's up?"

"Ohh, nothing. Where's Liv?"

She found it adorable how his smile widened at the drop of her friends name, "Olivia? Uh…good question. She's supposed to be meeting me for lunch but she's probably caught up in class still-she mentioned having to talk to her teacher about her essay grade. I'll just wait for her and text her if she's not here in a few minutes..."

"Perfect opportunity to give you something!"

"Yeah? It better be something good." He watched as she reached into her over-sized purse, pulling out two folded pieces of paper, handing them to her with a devious grin on her face.
"Don't read it until you get home. Can you wait that long?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"It's a surprise! Don't tell Olivia that I gave you anything's our little secret, so keep it hidden and don't let her get her little hands on it."

"Wow...that secretive, huh? Now I'm insanely curious!"

"Well, keep your curiosity under control carrot top and wait until you get home to read it. After you read it, take things into your own hands..."

He lifted a brow in confusion, watching the girl walk off with no more to say, leaving him with the paper in his hand. He glanced down at it before folding it up until it was a smaller size, slipping it into his back pocket.

hockey1022 has signed on.

gigglyblonde86: Hey :O)

gigglyblonde86: I know you're just signed on. You better not be ignoring me!

gigglyblonde86: Or maybe you have some girl over there and she's distracting you from the computer...

hockey1022: No.

gigglyblonde86: He lives! What're doing?

hockey1022: Reading something a friend gave to me.

gigglyblonde86: I hope you're not reading one of those stupid chain letters again...

hockey1022: No...not at all. Far from it.

gigglyblonde86: Dirty magazine?

hockey1022: No.

gigglyblonde86: Fine. Don't tell me.

hockey1022: Turn your web cam on so I can show you what this friend gave me.

Olivia grinned, doing as she was told and feeling her stomach flutter when his face became clear on her computer. "So, what's there to show me?" She waited as she heard paper rustling, one sheet being held up to the screen and she leaned forward, her grin beginning to decline when she recognized the screen names, the very words she typed to her best friend over the internet four days ago.

Her grin fell completely from her face, sitting straight up in her chair and blinking several times to make sure that she wasn't seeing things. Her breathing became faster, tears collecting at the corners of her eyes, "Wha-who gave-Kristin gave that to you, didn't she?"

She was so humiliated-she didn't know what to do. She just wanted to fall from her chair and curl up under her desk, away from Heath's blue stare as he removed the paper from her sight.

"Stupid, don't start crying over a silly thing like this," he said softly, a smile coming to his lips as he stared at the blonde on his screen, her loose curls tossed into a messy bun on top of her head.

"I-It's not a silly thing! That was a private conversation, and she had no right to print it out and let you see it! Heath, I-"

"You need to thank Kristin for this," he interrupted, bring the paper up to look at it.

"What-but she-"

"-because without her giving me this, I would've never known, and I would've continued waiting to see if we would ever have anything, Olivia."

Her mouth fell open, her heart skipped a beat, and her wide blue eyes stared back at the red head as he gave her a crooked smirk, folding his arms on his desk as they sat in silence, letting her absorb what he had just said to her. Her bottom lip quivered, starting at happy because she was instant messaging him, to raging mad with the knowledge of Kristin releasing their private conversation, to surprise and happiness overwhelming her. "...I never...I didn't-"

"I gave so many hints, blondie. Maybe you should change that 'giggly' in the beginning of your screen name to 'oblivious', because I've been trying so hard to get through to you."

" could've just told..."

"Guys can be just as shy as girls when it comes to this type of thing, though it may be hard to believe to most people."

"But you just said all-"

"Knowing that you feel the same way, Olivia, there's really no need to be shy any longer, right?"

She nodded dumbly, her lips parted as she continued her staring, bringing her lisp together when she realized that she was sitting there with her mouth open. She blinked and tears fell, her hand coming up to hastily wipe them away, "I-I want to see you, Heath."

"I think that can be arranged. Meet me halfway?"

Without answering, she got up from her chair and hurried over to her bed, grabbing her light jacket and looking back at her computer, Heath long gone from his spot in front of his computer. She jogged out of her room and down the stairs, excusing herself from the house when she saw her parents on the couch, closing the front door behind her.

Living only six blocks away from her, he slowed down at the third block, the smile still on his face as he saw the blonde running towards him, her cheeks already getting a rosy color on them due to the cold. Olivia reached him, her fingers coming up to brush strands of hair that got into her face, swallowing thickly as she allowed herself to form words, "I want to kiss you."

He chuckled, taking three steps closer to her to close the distance between them, "I've been wanting to kiss you since the beginning of our junior year," he confessed, his hands extending forward to cup her small face as he leaned down, her slender hands lightly resting on his wrists as their lips connected wonderfully. He pressed his lips against hers more urgently as she responded eagerly, her soft tongue meeting his as their lips parted, a satisfied sigh escaping her mouth as they stood in the cold, as warm as could be in each others presence.

As soon as his lips met her own, he knew that he would never want to kiss another woman, her lips made for him and only him. Reluctantly, he separated from her tempting mouth, a smile on his lips as he put an inch of distance between their faces, "The first time we hung out together was October 22nd, and I took you to a hockey game of your favorite team."

Her eyes widened momentarily before she let out a laugh, "You always made me so nervous...and when I get nervous around you, I start giggling uncontrollably like an idiot."

"What a creepy coincidence," he murmured, kissing her lightly on the lips, "that we both made significant names," one last, quick kiss, "and I do not have a flat butt."

She busted into laughter, her hands dropping from his wrists to place themselves in his back pockets, "It's okay. I love your non existent butt."

"'re not packing much junk in the trunk either."

She continued to laugh at his choice of words as he continued, "But I like staring at it and wishing I could grab it every now and then."

"Oh, so my rear end is the only thing you like about me?"

"No...I love everything about you. Your nervous giggling, your smile, your habit of running into walls and tripping over your own feet-"

"My shoelaces get in the way," she corrected, pressing her lips against his to only feel him pull away.

" tell me about these sex dreams that you have of me."

It's short, it's simple, and it's sweet. Another attempt at a one-shot that ended on a happier note :O)

So, what are your thoughts? I'm not big into the whole instant messenging type of thing, but it's loosely based off of something that I had a part of and I wanted to keep it true to the fact that some things are learned through IM conversations...and aren't always kept private. I'll try at another one shot if this is good enough :O) I've seen so many amazing one shots that I've been too scared to even post any.

As always, reviews are appreciated.