The Ideal man

By: Daniels lover

The first encounter

It was eleven pm and the Richardson & Richardson PLLC had closed a little over an hour ago. The offices that normally inhabited hassled lawyers were empty. The phones that rang non stop for the better part of the day had also ceased. The smell of stale coffee wafted through the air from the empty break room. It was a completely different work environment when you where there by yourself.

Aleen slept with her head on a stack of papers, they where all due tomorrow and she had yet to finish. There was a peaceful almost serene look on her face; her mouth was slightly parted allowing a small drop of saliva to fall on her precious papers. Her black soft hair was spread out on her tidy desk. Now normally Aleen would be awake and hard at work, but she had been there since seven in the morning to finish yesterday's assignment. Now she had to finish today's work before her boss walked in the next morning.

She felt pressured to succeed because she was the valedictorian and graduated top ten percent at Harvard law school. Not that she was bragging or anything. She didn't complain when under qualified white males got the jobs she worked hard for, No she just kept quiet and did as she was told. Rick, her boss, had her doing what she considered "bitch work". Filing papers, typing documents, and running out and buying lunch for everyone.

This was not what she got her college degree for. She wanted a case, a client, someone to defend in court, and most of all she wanted a chance to prove herself. Yes, she was black, and a female but that didn't mean she wasn't capable.

A loud persistent beeping from her watch caused Aleen to stir slightly from her slumber. Her left hand hit her jar of multicolored pens, and pencils, causing them to spill over her desk. Groaning from the dull ache in her left hand, Aleen slowly opens her coffee colored eyes.

She lets out a soft curse as she glances at her watch. It was eleven o'clock. She quickly gathered up all her pens and pencils placing them back in the jar. Her brown eyes scan over her desk and she frowns at the papers she didn't sort threw yet. Her slender fingers began to shift threw the papers, alphabetizing them automatically.

Aleen lets out a tiny sigh of relief when she realizes she only had Q-Z left. Thankfully, not many clients had last names that started with Q. She frowned at the bitter taste in her mouth from the sugarless coffee she consumed earlier that morning. Running her right hand threw her soft raven locks; she quickly placed the documents in the correct folder and placed them in the filing cabinet in her desk.

She slammed the cabinet closed with a loud bang, accidentally causing the rest of her decaf coffee to tilt over and spill. The chocolate liquid slowly leaked out of the Styrofoam cup and off the side of her desk and onto her brand new shoes. Luckily, they were water resistant, and the brown liquid did not stain them. However, the carpet was not so lucky. The tacky blue carpet was slowly turning a murky brown color.

"Shit." She mutters, nearly tripping as she made her way to the break room for paper towels. She grabbed a hand full and came back to the stain on the floor, dropping down to her knees she began soaking up the coffee. She groaned in frustration when the brown spot wouldn't come out. "Oh god please let this stain come out."

After working several minutes, she gave up and slyly placed a plant that was previously decorating a window over the stain. She smiled pleased at her clever attempt to cover the spot. Using the last of the towels, she cleaned up her desk, and tossed the used towels in the garbage can. Aleen placed a hand over her forehead, feeling a headache coming on.

"I need to get out of here." She said quietly to herself. Grabbing her purse and jacket in one hand, she used her other to turn out the lamp on her desk. Instantly the whole office was dark, only the glow of the exit sign, lead her out of the building.

The streets of L.A where chilly that night, and she shivered and tugged her jacket on. The wind blew across her face, making her raven hair sway. The only sound was her heels hitting the pavement in a soft rhythmic motion. There were a few homeless people occupied the streets here and there, none of them where paying her any attention. She didn't mind she liked it quiet.

Her apartment was six blocks away from her work. As you might have concluded, she had no car. Her funds where on the low side since she was being paid less than her co-workers. Not that she was complaining mind you.

"What's a pretty thing like you doing, walking alone at night?" A husky male voice questioned behind her. Aleen paused in mid-step. Her heart started pounding rapidly as adrenaline surged through her blood. Her hands clutched at her purse, and her finger nails dug into the leather material.

It felt like her lungs couldn't get enough air as panic overtook her. She started walking quickly not answering. She didn't recognize his voice, but was certain he was up to no good. Heavy footsteps followed her every move as she turned down another street. "I ain't gonna hurt ya, no need to be scared." He said mockingly, and then laughs when she speeds up her pace even more, enjoying her fear.

Abruptly she stopped walking, not because she believed the sleaze-bag, but because she didn't like being accused of being scared. She reached inside her purse and felt around until her hands rested on the small bottle of pepper spray. It was only for emergencies, and this would qualify as one in her mind.

Slowly she turned around and aimed it at him, then gasped in alarm when she realized just how big this guy was. He was clearly over six feet tall; His Leather jacket did nothing to conceal his huge arms muscles. Not to mention that his white t-shirt had several stains on it that look suspiciously like blood.

She squinted, trying to get a look at his face but his wild untamed hair and scruffy beard blocked most of his face from view. Her bravery flew out the window when she noticed the animalistic look in his dark eyes, and his lips twist into a grin. As much as her pride hated to admit it she was scared out of her mind.

Aleen was frozen in place as he confidently walked the remaining three feet towards her, and grabbed her delicate wrist in a tight, bone-crushing embrace, causing her to wince and drop the pepper spray.

Suddenly there was a flurry of movement, as the large man who had been holding her wrist was forced to let go as he crashed to the ground. After a brief struggle, the large man was out cold on the sidewalk. "What the…" She blinked to clear her vision.

There was another skinnier man standing over him with a smirk. Her savior was a tall, slender man, with long black hair. His eyes where a cool shade of crystal blue . He was the palest man she had ever seen. Her eyes went from the newcomer to her assailant. He apparently hit his head on the concrete and was knocked out. How this skinny guy did it was beyond her. Her brown eyes shifted their focus back to her rescuer.

On his feet where a pair of black converse, He was wearing the tightest pair of black jeans, and they where hugging him in all the right places. His black slipknot shirt was just as form fitting as his jeans, showing just how thin he was. Aleen gently rubbed her sore wrist, wincing when pain shot threw her wrist to the tips of her fingers.

Her rescuer walked over to her and gently took her hand into his lighter one. Aleen quickly tore her hand from his intrusive probing hands, and backed away several steps. He rolled his pretty blue eyes at the way she was acting, "I think it's broken, let me see." He said not attempting to walk closer because she might run off.

Aleen though grateful he saved her, was pissed off about the whole situation and decided to take it out on him. "What, so you're a doctor now?" She sneered at him sarcastically. She looked at his apparel in distaste. "You don't look like one to me."

He ignored her rude tone and took a step towards her. Then he jokingly placed his hands in the air, revealing the smooth pale skin of his navel. "I'm just trying to see if you're alright miss…" He paused expecting her to tell him her name.

Aleen ignored his un-asked question, and asked one of her own. "Where did you come from?" He smiled at her, showing off his straight white teeth. "I left club red, where my band was playing, and saw you in distress." Aleen frowned when she noticed that he was wearing black eyeliner. Well, that explained why he was dressed that way. And the club was close, yet the party scene was not her preference.

But there was one thing missing…" What do you play, or are you the lead singer." Despite herself, she was intrigued by this man. He smirked and pointed to a close alleyway, His guitar was sitting in a black case covered in random stickers. "Let me walk you home." He said quickly, noticing the large man on the ground was groaning, and stirring. He would be up and very pissed in a few minutes.

As wary as she was of him, she really didn't want to walk the rest of the way alone. He walked over to his guitar case, picked it up by the strap and put it around his neck, letting it rest diagonally across his chest. "So what's your name?" He asked, his eyes where focused on her injured hand, that was currently being cradled by her other hand.

"Aleen Gregory and you?" He smiled and looked up at her face, watching her full lips as she spoke. "Trayton, but you can call me Tray. Everyone does." After walking a few minutes in silence, they came to a stop outside her apartment building. Tray briefly looked at her injured hand.

"You need to get that wrist checked out, Aleen." Strangely, the name flowed off his tongue smoothly, as if he was meant to say it. She nodded trying not to stare into his beautiful eyes. "I will, thanks know." She said softly. "You're welcome…later." He waved at her, turned into the opposite direction, and walked off towards his own apartment. She watched him until she could no longer see him from the glow of the streetlights, then turned and walked up the old stairs leading into the apartment building.

A frown made its way onto her pretty face. She felt unhappy with his abrupt departure, yet she couldn't understand why. Shrugging she took her keys out of her bag and unlocked the door to apt. 105. "It's not like I'll see him again." This thought made her sigh as she shut the door and went back to her normal boring life.

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