Ocean Calling

The day dawned perfect. The sun blushed rosy-orange and kissed the horizon that the girl surveyed.

Something was not right.

A curious kind of restlessness consumed her; a shiver she could not yet completely comprehend.

She had been brought here to spend her summer vacation; it was known that she loved the sea, the ocean, the water. She had only yesterday first seen it in person.

But already she knew.

A song rose from the ocean's mist, for her ears only, as who would take the time in this world to stop and listen for the water's call?

But it called to her.

Creirdyddlydd, it whispered, I am here. Child of mine, I have always been here.

The girl's shadowy cerulean eyes stared into nameless depths, as she captured the long-awaited sounds in her smooth, shell-shaped ears.

How long have you been waiting for these sounds, Merril? How many years has your soul been waiting for a place to exist? It has been hard for you.

Memories flitted through her mind of another time, where heavy hands bruised her skin a sea-green shade, and heavy words bruised her will.

I am so sorry, child. Moananani. You are in no danger here.

She knew that. She'd always known that; ever since yesterday. Here, she could live.

...Not merely survive.

Yes, Pela, this world of hard rocks and ruthless words is no place for you. You are a child of the waves and swells, of the world of water. This is your place, your home.

For the first time, the girl got up from her seat. With unbalanced, bare feet and slender legs, she made her way to where the crests broke on the shore. Folding her legs beneath her, she sat, not feeling the grains of sand grate at her paisley pink sundress. With no thought or awareness of her surroundings, she absorbed the welcomed voice of the ocean.

It chuckled.

Are you that needful of a caring word, Neela? Gorgeous girl, do not worry. I will speak to you the mysteries of the seas, the secrets of the oceans. Come, you will have eternity to spare.

The girl waited.

But you must know one thing, Bahari. I am not always pleasant and kind. The people of this earth have injured me. They throw their waste into my waters. They kill my creatures, and they taint me with their dirt and oil. I will not take their behavior without my revenge.

The girl bowed her head. Stretching one leg out, she swept her foot though the cold-warm water. She raised her head, for the first time with a flicker in her eye, and stared out into the horizon.

But Umiko, I will not harm you. You will be safe here, darling child. I am your protector.

She stood up. Slowly, slowly, always slowly, she slipped out of her sickeningly-endearing dress, and put one foot in the chilling, awakening, embracing water.

Will you come to me? I will care for you, Dzovik. You will have a haven, a sanctuary, a home where no one will ever mar you again. You will exist forever. You will be the ocean's spirit. You will be the ocean's force.

For the first time in a lifetime, the girl smiled. The corners of her mouth turned up and her thin lips stretched in contentment.

Of your kind, you are the only one who has stopped to listen to the song of the sea. I've been looking for you, Maris. Come with me.

The words came haltingly, stutteringly, raspy with disuse. They came through lips that had of yet only been used to endure; yet, they came all the same.

"I...I c-come."

A/N: A creative writing assignment that I really, really liked. And apparently so did the teacher, because I got an A+ on it! Hee. It made me so happy...