"So, Bobby Fiey" You say, with no small hint of exaggeration on my name. "Why don't we fill the readers in on how you ended up staying with me for the past five years?"

"Well, it must have been my undeniable charm" I answer without missing a beat.

"Yes, and your obvious talent for crafting names out of the thin air."

"Well, the name had origins, remember Joey Fiey? His brother's Bobby Fiey" I remind you.

You scoff at me over coffee and donuts. We were sitting in these same seats as when you called your sister up about me that day.

"I've got a stray for you to process." You said to her over your cellphone. I was looking at you with teary puppy eyes. For a moment, you frowned. My heart felt like it was being eaten by vultures, my face betrayed my efforts to disguise the panic that I was in. I was worried that your sister might be lecturing you about the proper procedures and how I would not be able to work at the café under any circumstances.

But before I could plead my case, you left with your cellphone towards the stockroom to carry out the conversation in private. Obviously, I was sweating my sanity into a puddle with anxiety. I thought about eavesdropping on you for all of the fifteen minutes that you were in that stockroom.

"Only thought about it?" You ask.

"Of course. Or I would have known that you knew who I was all along otherwise." I send you a pointed glare. You laugh charmingly.

"But this adds interest to our tale." You lean in and place a soft kiss on the corner of my lips.

"And stress to my 15 year old self. You do realize how shifty 15 year old can be." I think back to five years ago. I had thought that I had put enough of a physical distance between my family and I that they wouldn't be able to find me. "Remind me again how you managed to make our meeting seem like such a coincidence."

"Did I ever say that it was a coincidence?"

"You certainly implied it at the time."

You laugh at the pained face that I pull. "It wasn't. Everyone in the family's network knew about your disappearance at that point. You didn't honestly think that your father would just let his son disappear like that, did you?"

"I know now."

"I was informed that you might be heading for my area. Someone saw you with a trucker speeding down the road. They would have gotten you but they didn't want to cause a scene on the highway. "

"So you conveniently made it seem like you just so happened to bump into me when I was running away from that john."

"It saved me the problem of having to knock him out and snatching you out of his evil pedophilic grasps."

"From one pedophile to another." I joked.

"I'm not a pedophile." You rebuked indignantly. "I didn't touch you until you were of age. And I'm only seven years older than you. That guy was almost sixty."

"Right, right." I scoffed fondly. "We'll get to that later. Anyway, I can't believe I didn't catch on to your act despite being extra shifty."

"You were a really shifty 15 year old, weren't you. That entire fist week, you were so careful tiptoeing around everything that I just had to throw some minor roadblocks along the way."

"I wouldn't call getting Johnny to pick me up a minor roadblock."

"Well, I couldn't just let the boss think that you were still missing."

"You could have just told him over the phone. I could have sent him an 'I'm sorry' card and continued on my road trip across the states. You knew that I was a runaway and betrayed my teenage trust by throwing me back to the dogs." I narrow my eyes and try to look intimidating.

"I would hardly call attempting to return you to your family 'throwing you back to the dogs.' Besides, not wanting to go out with Bianca was hardly a valid reason for running away. Not in comparison to all the dangers you could have gotten into out here in the yonder wilderness."

"You wouldn't want to date her either."

"Of course not, I'm gay"

"And so am I."

"Yes, but you ran away and decided to hitchhike and trick at rest areas to get your way across to the Midwest."

I shrug. "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

"You could have gotten STDs, or murdered. Didn't you stop to consider how many people were out to get you just because you were the boss's son?"

"We've been over this already." I brush it off with a wave of my hand. "The me back then simply thought that running away was a better solution than telling my father that I was gay."

"It didn't occur to you that he would have understood?"

"Nope. He was big Mafia boss man, Dad or not. Would you have told him?"

You ponder this for a minute. I laugh at the face you make when you come to a decision.

"You didn't have any better ideas besides running away and sucking cock?"

"Hey, watch the vulgarities. I was fifteen and I was sheltered. Sucking cock seemed like a legitimate job to me at the time. After repressing my inner sexual beast for so long, I was more than happy to make it my profession. I was good at it too." You roll your eyes but I know you agree. Or you certainly seemed more than willing to agree earlier this morning.

"Johnny wasn't happy when I couldn't find you in the bathroom."

"Nope, I jumped out the window the minute I heard him talking in the living room."

"Good thing I live on a ranch."

"Yup, those horses sure came in handy too."

"We were wondering how you could have gotten so far without a car."

"I would have gotten further if the cops didn't stop me."

"Well, a boy galloping down the highway on a horse did make for a good arrest-able target. You were wearing nothing but the shower curtains."

"The towels were being washed and I forgot to replace them. I made do." I shrug.

"What were you thinking when you took off like that?"

"I was hoping to make it to a gas station, steal some clothes, make some money, hitchhike with a trucker, and leave you as nothing but a bad memory, traitor."

"Your stupidity knows no bound"

"Yet you continue to love me unconditionally."

"And you love me despite me being a traitor?"

"But that's after you made up for everything."

"Oh yes, and that was quite some making up that I had to do." You make an endearing grimace. "I bet you don't even count getting you out of jail a feat in its own. You had quite a police record for a fifteen year old."

I beam a proud smile. "I was trying to live up to my father's expectations. But no, I meant how you pleaded with my dad to let me stay with you."

"Ah yes." You nod to this and reminisce less than fondly upon the memory.

"And how you rescued me."

You don't say anything in response to that. I know that you want to argue the validity of that statement, but the words don't come out when you open your mouth to speak. It was a topic that we rarely approached despite it being the watershed for what our relationship is now. Your brows furrow as you contemplate those memories. We sit in silence for a while, watching the people outside the window go about their day.

"I need to go out for a smoke, you coming?" You ask me and start to rise.

I shook my head. And make a protective gesture towards the plate of food on our table. "No thanks, I'll stay and protect our donuts from the cops."

You nod and head out with a tight lipped smile. I know that you still feel the guilt because your shoulders are slumped forward. I frown and look away, unable to do anything.

The past is the past, I say to you in my head. Why does it still need to haunt us?

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