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Unrequited Love – Epilogue – The Love Spiral


Shiro grimaced at the desolate, wasteland of a refrigerator and then, disappointed, raised his head up to look around. Geez, he thought as he stared at the carton of milk sitting on the top shelf and then a random piece of capsicum (1) and then a few other things wrapped up in one of the drawers, there is not here to eat! DAMN, you would think Seiji would have gone to the store at least five million times to feed his fucking cravings! Shiro slammed shut the fridge and looked up towards the ceiling, opening his mouth to scream out a few choice words.


He narrowed his eyes, waiting for a smart aleck reply from Seiji, who was probably cramped up in his room with Kira. (Commonly to Shiro as his girlfriend.) Shiro puckered his lips when he heard nothing, not even a sound; the only thing he heard was the television and the sound of screaming kids outside in the back (and the annoyingly, distinct sound of two people going at it next door like a bunch of animals.) Grumbling to himself irritably, he stomped his way out of the kitchen and through the living room and then towards the back and stood in front of Seiji's door—it was closed and shut.

Shiro stared at the 'TURN AROUND' sign on the door and then rolled his eyes.

"Turn around my ASS, I'm hungry!" He narrowed his eyes as he leaned against the door, wondering if Kira and Seiji were up to something other than just sleeping.

(Change of view; Kira's POV)

"W-wait, I think I heard something—"

"Ah, NOT AGAIN. The only thing you hear are the people next door, that's all. No one is listening—!"

"Ugh, the only reason why you can't hear anything is because you're concentration with your dic—"

I blinked another sound that perceived my ears as Seiji leaned down and began to plant soft kisses on my neck. I poked Seiji on the top of his head and turned my head, nearly head-butting him as he pulled back to give me an exasperated, frustrated groan. "Seiji, you had to hear that." I stared up at Seiji with my eyes narrowed; he may have been looking directly at me, but for some strange reason it seemed as though he wasn't paying attention to me at all.

"Kitty, you're hearing things!"

I moved up so that our noses were against each others and so that we were staring eye to eye.

"Seiji-Kun, seriously! I did hear something!"

(A/N: Kira has adopted somewhat of a nickname for Seiji also.)

Seiji moved forward and gave me a sudden, quick kiss on the lips (somewhat trying to quiet me down for a while.) "You hear nothing," Seiji spoke as he pushed me back down onto the bed (and I had begun to give him a venomous glare), "You just think you hear something. When it could probably just be Shiro watching TV or someone outside." I couldn't help but make a soft gasp as he leaned downward once more, nibbling at the skin on my neck.

"I made you forget once, so I'll make you forget again!"

I glared at him.

"Seiji-kun you ass—"

The answer I got back was a silent, low 'thank you' and then a strange pushed sensation against my lower back. I made a small twitched and placed my hands over my mouth, trying to keep in the little yelp that nearly exploded out of my mouth. The only thing I could do was move side to side as he stroked my lower back at a snail's pace, causing strange vibrations to go up my spine and then up to my upper body (that would end in some kind of shocking feeling in my veins.)

My hand seemed to unintentionally slip from over my mouth, exposing my lips and the small sounds that were starting to rise higher and higher.

"Seiji. . ."

"Kira. . ."

I closed my eyes, arching my head back as I felt his hands snaking up my shirt—I already knew what was beginning to come next, and I was totally read for it—


I jumped and pushed Seiji off of me at the sound of his younger brother's screaming at the door. Gasping, I pulled down my shirt and shot Seiji an 'I told you so' glare. He made a face (the usual face that meant that once again that he was sick of being interrupted) and turned around, a glum expression now on his face.


"I'm hungry!"

"UGH, I don't cook on Sundays!"


"I don't give a shit, aren't you old enough to go out and get your own food?!"

"I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE. Stop being so mean to me! You should be bowing down to me since you've been gone for five, DAMN YEARS."

I heard Seiji murmur 'Oh God, not this again".

"Okay, LOOK. There should be a carton of milk in the fridge and some cereal on the counter. Help yourself to that until I go to the store or something and then you can pig out all you want—"

"I don't WANT CEREAL."

"Then I guess you're going to starve, aren't you?"

We both clearly heard the sound of something coming into contact with something else very hard (as if being kicked or hit against) and then a loud, aggravated sigh from his younger brother. There was a moment of shuffling outside and then finally a few more words were spoken back through the door.

"Fine, fine," Shiro said, "I'll eat some damn cereal."

There was a sigh of relief between us as we heard the sound of feet trudging across the carpet, away from the door and back into the front of the apartment. Seiji immediately cleared his throat and then scooted back beside me, leaning over to give me a soft peck on the cheek. I let him do what he wanted, because I didn't feel like arguing with him or pushing him off me (since it was so hard for me to do that sometimes.)

"Back to what we were doing—"


Seiji made a loud growl and turned around from leaning forward to kiss me.




"Oh, so you guys WERE going to have sex! Ew, buttsex—"

Seiji stood to his feet and then turned back around quickly, planting a quick kiss on my forehead. "Be right back, gotta go kick my little brother's ass." I watched wide eyed as he went tearing out of the room and after his younger brother, screaming at him and trying to grab him. (He reminded me of a monster for some reason.)

Needless to say, the only thing I could do was sit there.

And think about everything that had went on since I had met that strange, blonde haired guy in a tuxedo.

Things seemed to go by quicker than I thought they were. I still remember that night clearly when I came to a conclusion about myself. I longer felt shy, I was longer scared either; I had finally come to the realization that I had grown to love Seiji (no matter how crazy and idiotic he could be at times) and that there was no way I would be able to be away from him now that I had finally admitted this to myself. And it came even more apparent that day when Seiji and I took a nearly three hour train ride back to the city where we had once been.

God, I felt like a girl during that long, annoying ride back to the city. Most of the time, Seiji was dead asleep, and the whole time I was wide awake, just staring up at Seiji (like a killer lurking in the shadows or a rapist examining his new prey—not a good comparison, right?) I couldn't stop myself from staring at him, examining everything about him, he was even as mystifying as he was when he was awake; it was so strange. I hadn't felt this way in a long time—ever since the death of my girlfriend.

(I think that's why it was so hard to not think about Tsubasa so much. She was pretty special, probably more special than I realize.) I think that several few minutes, maybe nearly an hour or less during the train ride, Seiji finally woke up. And as soon as he woke up, I didn't the one of the strangest things in the world; I leaned up and gave him a hard kiss on the lips. I caught him by surprise because he nearly hit his head on the window behind him, but he complied a few seconds later. From there, I knew what had started to happen to me.

I was falling.

I was falling into another trap.

The 'love spiral'.

My definition of the love spiral is when you find yourself falling deeply in love with your current obsession. My current obsession by chance at that moment: Seiji. I wasn't really what you call obsessed, but I was pretty damn close to it judging by the way I kept acting and hanging all over him. I think for the rest of the ride, we had these strange moments where we would suddenly turn to each other and kiss. And then towards the end of the train ride, I found myself lying on my back on the uncomfortable, hard, concrete-like seat as Seiji kissed me all over.

And this whole time I complied.

And this time, I wasn't scared to do anything back nor was I hesitant about what was happening. I went along with everything he did to me, writhing and moaning at his touch like I had that day he had made love to me. I think when that thought came into my mood, I felt the urge to pay him back for running away from him that day because I was too scared to admit how I felt for him. And I did what my brain urged me to do when we both got back to the apartment.

It was six in the morning.

We hadn't slept a wink since yesterday.

The last thing we expected to be doing was going at it so early in the morning. I was tired as hell and I thought I would pass out at any second, but somehow, someway, I stayed wide awake. (And then afterwards, I passed out so fast I didn't realize it.)

Things have changed a lot since then. Strangely enough, Seiji isn't as hyperactive as he use to be; he's more relaxed sometimes (which freaks me out because I'm so use to his old, eccentric ways); Seiji's brother has come into the picture all of a sudden. He's alright, but he calls me Seiji's Girlfriend or Seiji's Wife (just to piss me off, and it WORKS). Other than that, the only thing that is different is my behavior around Seiji.

I think after Seiji brutally abused his brother and slammed him down on the couch, he told me to get up and put some clothes on because we were going out—to be alone. My mind was already starting to wander to indecent, wicked thoughts as I put my clothes on (and listened to the sounds of Seiji abusing his brother once more because he was waiting for me.) (I'm ashamed to say that I was nothing but a pervert now.)

As much as Seiji didn't want to ditch Shiro and as much as Shiro didn't want Seiji to ditch him (tiring thought), we left together anyway—off to wherever. (Seiji had been thinking about dragging Shiro along, but he doubted that Shiro would really want to go anyway to see us both kiss and make out with each other.) We endlessly walked around, doing nothing for about a few hours and then finally settled somewhere in a park.

The park was pretty much deserted.

I believe before I actually realized it, I was all over Seiji. He was pretty use to it now that I had been an obsessed fanboy for the last few months.

"Geez, Kira!"

"Sorry, I felt like lunging at you today if you don't mind."

Seiji laughed and put his hands on my sides. "Of course I don't!" He caught me by surprise as he began tickling my sides wildly, causing me to writhe on him as I tried to move away from him. I don't think I had laughed this much in a while; it was like laughing was a whole new other thing for me. While he continuously tickled me, I managed to wrap my arms around his neck and move close to him; I found myself leaning close to his ear.

"Jerk. . ."

I nuzzled my head against the back of his head and leaned down, suddenly nipping at his ear.

"AH, what the hell—?!"


I leaned back and gave him the most innocent smile I could muster up. He narrowed his eyes at me and made a loud, nonchalant sigh. "Geez, you're so different. So different that it scares me." I rolled my eyes and leaned back, still hanging onto him so that I didn't fall back on my butt or anything. "Aw, not this again! It's been so long, Seiji-Kun!"

"And that nickname; Seiji-kun. Oh my God, Kitty what have I done to you?"

"You happened to me."

Seiji looked at me for a slight moment and then stared down. I could have sworn I saw his face turn a little red before he moved it down to hide his face from me. (Aw, how adorable. I actually made the oh-so casual, perky Seiji blush across the face.)

"I'm not really all that special," He said to me as he raised his head to look at me, "And nice try at trying to make me blush, KITTY."

"It wasn't a try, since I won, Seiji-kun." I closed my eyes and leaned against him, rubbing my head against his chest. I think for that slight moment, the only thing that I could hear was the sound of his heartbeat. (A/N: Sorry if I'm making you upchuck right now.) It was thunderous, overwhelming in my ears as I tightened my grip around his neck; it made me fall into a daze and drift into an abyss of wonder and contentment. I had done this one too many times, but for a reason unbeknownst to me, it seemed like it was my first time doing it.

It's pathetic.

In a good kind of way?

My half-lid eyes opened slowly as I felt Seiji tracing small circles on my lower back.



"I said nope."

I heard a frustrated groan.

"Why not?"

"I'm not in the mood anymore."

Seiji pulled me back suddenly. "AH, WHY NOT? WILL YOU BE BACK IN THE MOOD WHEN WE GO BACK HOME?"

"Nope. Your brother ruined the moment."

He slumped over, puckering his lips and making the saddest expression he could make (although, I knew that it wasn't real.) I made a small, amused smirk and placed my hands on both sides of his face, pulling them up so that he could look at me. He blinked at stared at me, and after a few seconds his face turned an insane, deep crimson.

"I'll make you forget. Just for a little while; I'll make you forget about everything. . ."

And then I turned my head to the side, planting a soft kiss upon his lips—

Once again drowning into something that was once unrequited love.


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