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Have you ever walked into a room and felt like everyone was staring at you? So you start looking yourself over making sure you looked okay and you realize you're naked?


I thought so.

I've had this dream every night since 'the incident' and every time I wake up afraid it was some kind of premonition. You know how you dream something, and it happens weeks later. What do they call it? De ja vu right?

I know you're thinking "What does she mean 'the incident'?" And I'll tell you…

Someday. Years from now.

Anyways back to the dream.

After I realize I'm naked I scream. I scream so loud that anyone who was not looking at me before was looking, laughing and pointing at me. Then he comes, I don't know who he is, or what he looks like all I know is he's caucasian. He takes off a wool trench coat and covers me with it. But suddenly everyone stops laughing.

Their laughter is replaced with a shrill beeping sound, like the sound of an alarm clock.

Wait! That is my alarm clock!

I opened my eyes and glanced up. It read 7:35

"Shit" I cursed

I had set my alarm clock to 6:45 A.m. I faintly remember hitting the snooze button a few time but oh well. It's not like missing first hour was a bad thing. At least not to me. Maybe I could skip the whole day.

Naw Brittany would whoop my ass leaving her alone all-day. Brittany was one of my best friends. The one who actually acted as if she had some sense. I'd know her since 4th grade making it a total of seven years she's had to put up with me.

Hmmm… I wonder how she does it?

I groggily got out of bed and leisurely walked down the hall to the bathroom. I figured if I was going to get a detention for being late I might as well take my sweet time getting ready and looking good. I flipped on the light switch and watched as the light flickered before settling in a steady beam.

I glared at my reflection. I hate how I look in the morning. My black nappy hair napier than it was the night before. Crap around my brown eyes. Dried pale drool on my dark brown skin. Yes I drool.
Got a problem with it? Sue me!

I stripped off my clothes and got into the shower letting the water cascade…Wait. Why am I giving you the details of my shower? Long story short I took a shower. I stepped out of the tub shivering when the cold air hit my bare body, I wrapped my favorite purple towel around me and proceeded to brush my teeth. Then I did my hair in a bun. You know the bun where you cut the sock put it around the hair wrap the hair on it and hold it with gel and a ponytail holder? That one.

I went to my room and pulled out a white tee with a green clover on it and my blue jeans. I wouldn't say I had the best sense of fashion or I always looked the best but I always looked good. I threw on my clothes grabbed some chips and my keys and headed out the door.

My car is the beat. I saved up my money since I was ten to buy my own car so the day I got my license I went Right to the Mercedes dealership and bought me a Mercedes Benz SL 1500 in a candy red color.

Don't hate.

I got in my car and started my ten minute dive to Inlet Grove High school. I pulled up to my designated parking spot in the front of the school and glanced at the clock again.


I sat for a second mentally preparing myself for the Wrath of Ms. Banks.

Who is Ms. Banks you ask? She is the worst principal in the world, she's 4'9 and pure evil.

I got out of my car and walked into the school. I made it two steps past the office when I heard it.

"Mia Gibson"

Unfortunately for me this wasn't my first offence so she knew me by name. I turned slowly and walked towards her as I didn't have a care in the world.

Strike I

"Did you just get here?" she asked

"What do you think?" Damn, knee-jerk reaction

Strike II

"Are you getting slick with me?" she asked

Sarcasm should be my middle name; I use it so much I even use it on accident like now.

"Of course not Ms. Banks, I would never disrespect you"

Strike III


Ms. Banks then proceed to yell at me for a multitude of things for a good ten minutes, by the time she actually gave me the detention the bell rang; it was time for lunch.

I walked out of the office detention in hand and sat down outside at the blue circular table my group had been sitting at since 9th grade.


I finally figured out the plot and the next chapter will be up soon, next chapter the real action begins…I hope