Akira walked up first, as usual. She eyed me suspiciously before sitting across from me. Akira or Kira for short, was the exact opposite of Brittany, to point out the obvious, Akira was white and Brittany was black, well Brittany was more of a maple color but that's beside the point. Other than that Kira doesn't give a damn what anyone says and she's not embarrassed to act stupid with me in public. Kira had been one of my best friends since the 9th grade, we'd known each other long before but we never really talked until we got to high school.

"So… where were you?"

"Home" I replied simply

She looked at me waiting for me to explain.

"I over slept, so I took my sweet time getting here. Then Ms. Banks decided to yell at me for ten minutes before she finally gave me a detention."

"Well, that sucks" she said "when do you have to serve it?"

"Tomorrow" I looked at the pink slip "from 3:30 to 5:00"

"You gonna serve it?"

I usually didn't serve any of my detentions, and if I did it was because everyone I knew was there.

"Yea, Ms. Banks said she was personally going to escort me there"

Brittany walked up, her lunch in hand. It looked like the chicken they served last week accompanied by a wilted salad. She sat across from me, next to Kira and glared daggers at me. I laughed she was so over dramatic, the only reason she was pissed was because I made her sit through biology alone, so she had no one to talk to except the geeks and the losers.

"Bitch, where the fuck have you been" Brittany had a real potty mouth and it always rubbed off on all of us.

"Stop fucking cursing" Akira snapped her mahogany hair whipping in the strong gust of wind making all of us shiver.

"Home," I replied to Brittany "I over slept and got a detention. Any questions?"

Brittany always came off a little rough around the edges, especially when she was cursing you out but once you got to know her you couldn't help but love her.

"Where's Liza?" I asked abruptly

"Library" was the short response from Akira who proceeded to take out her favorite novel 'Eclipse' by Stephanie Myers.

"I'll be back"

The library was my favorite place in the school. I loved reading, actually everyone I hung out with did. We were the only cool kids in the school that constantly walked with our face in a book. I stepped in the library and immeadtly saw Liza. Her golden tan skin was standing out amongst the crowd. She was sitting at a computer typing something I sat next to her at one of the many vacant computers since no one wanted to waste their lunch hour in the library in was creepily silent. I was sitting next to her for about five minutes before she noticed me and engulfed me in a bone crushing hug.

"Hello to you to" I said hugging her back.

Lauren was a cross between Brittany and Akira. Sometimes she had common sense and others she didn't. She was very smart but she claims we dummied her down. She's had the biggest crush on the quarter back named Austin since 9th grade. Austin just wasn't my type, not saying her was ugly or anything it was quite the opposite he was appealing. He had this shaggy red hair with piercing blue eyes. But what turned me off from him was the simple fact that he was a jock, a jock that slept with all 22 cheerleaders and hit on every single girl in the school, freshman and all. But Liza liked him and we supported her.

Twenty minutes later the bell rang, signaling it was time for 3rd hour math, My second favorite class. Not because I liked math or anything, I hated it, but all of my friends were in there and I got to copy off of them.

I walked to class staring at my shoes trying to think of a place to buy a new pair since Brittany was irritating me constantly tell me to buy new ones. I really didn't need a new pair, the ones I had on was perferctly fine. They had just worn down a little and were a tar black. Never mind the fact that when I bought them they were white…

"What the hell" I was snapped out of my thoughts as I fell scattering my newly checked out books all over the hallway floor to be trampled by the students still walking to class.

" Watch were you're going"

I looked up fuming, ready to curse out whoever dared to knock me down. What I saw was the most gorgeous set of green eyes right below short jet-black hair that made me loose my train of thought. I sat there staring at him totally flabbergasted.

"Are you gonna sit and gawk at me or are you gonna get up?" Way to ruin a mood.

I am seriously thinking about starting over with this story. I have about six chapters that I need to type up but they aren't coming together the way I want them to. Plus this seems too cliched