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Where the hell is he?

I had been sitting in my living room for hours waiting for him to show up!

He's not coming

He had to come! He promised me! He said he would be here at five o'clock. I glanced at the digital clock on the microwave the big green letters said 5:45 he wasn't coming.

How could I be so stupid into diluting myself into thinking he would show up!

How could you not?

You've been going out for months now! How could he just leave you hanging like this?

My conscious would not leave me alone!

"Shut up"

I murmured to myself

This is all your fault

I was waiting for that one to show up

How could it be her fault, she did nothing wrong?

That voice that was pretty much the angel on my right shoulder

You could have been a better girlfriend

How could I have been a better girlfriend? My angel echoed me

She could have made an attempt to understand him!

Don't forget that one that was my devil on my left.

He had been very moody lately telling me to 'leave him alone' or to give him some 'time to himself' I should have seen this coming

How could you have seen it? He's just been frustrated lately

But when he told her he would show up at her house at five that day to take her out he had looked so happy!

Maybe he thought this way the best way to break up with you

My whole body rejected the thought; I closed my eyes so tears wouldn't come he wouldn't do that to me, would he?

Of course not sweetie! He loves you!

But that nagging voice commented

How come he never tells you so then?

And to that she had no answer


My angel had abandoned me too now and all I had left was that deceitful little devil whispering cruel things in my ears.

He never liked you, he felt sorry for you! He wanted to look charitable! Going out with the school nobody would boost his popularity in the charity charts! All the girls probably think he's so sweet for pitying you and asking you out. You're just something to make him look better, compared to your awful plainness he's a god, and your well, a toad.

I curled up on the couch my eyes clamped shut trying not to cry, the thunder roared outside and rain began to pour down from the sky imitating my mood.

I had given up hope of him arriving and finally let the tears escape my eyes, why would such a gorgeous, smart, athletic and funny guy, like him, like me?

No reason, that's why


I screamed at my inner devil the section of my mind laughed maliciously

You can no longer deny it, how could someone as perfect as him, like little boring old you?

I was so plane, so normal, how could I appeal to anyone?

I groaned aloud and pulled my favorite afghan over me still curled up in a ball.

Then the doorbell rang

My head shot up in surprise!

Was that he?

I rushed to the door and yanked it open.

And there he stood in all his glory, soaked to the bone, shivering with a bouquet or very wet roses in his hands, he managed to flash me a million dollar smile, teeth chattering, I grinned at him and pulled him into a hug, not caring I was getting wet. He let out a sigh of relief and hugged me back, then jumped away "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to get you wet!" he exclaimed looking at my wet shirt in dismay, I chuckled before pulling him inside.

"My dad left some of his stuff here last time he visited, come on and get changed out of those wet clothes!" I demanded pulling a towel out of the lining closet on my way to my dad's guest bedroom. I rummaged through the closet trying to find something that would fit him properly. When I exited he had stripped down to his boxers and was furiously rubbing at his hair to try and dry it. I giggled and he pulled the towel from in front of his eyes. Giving me a sheepish grin he noticed his state of undress and turned a bright red. I chuckled out loud.

Then he noticed the redness of my eyes and pain flashed across his features "Baby were you crying?" he asked walking over to me I looked down at my sock clad feet and shrugged sheepishly "I thought you weren't coming, I thought you forgot about me" I stated, I looked up and saw horror flash across his features.

I felt tears prickling my eyes again and he crossed the room to gather me into his arms, he pulled me close to him and kissed the top of my head, my hot tears slid down his bare chest and I felt his body tense, I sniffed and pulled my head up to look at him, his eyes were now clouded by his own tears.

"All better?' he whispered and I nodded. He blinked and a tear escaped his eye. Without thinking I reached up onto my tippy toes and kissed it away, he smiled at me "I cant stand to see something as beautiful as you cry" I blushed and he smiled "You are so beautiful when you blush" he stated and I kissed his cheek in gratitude. He captured my lips with his own kissing me tenderly and full of love. "Happy Birthday" he said releasing me for a moment to get down on one knee. He knelt there in his boxers with a grin on his face one hand behind his back. I stood in front of him shocked, was he seriously doing what I thought he was doing?

"Baby I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you"

He stated his eyes filled with emotion.

"There's nothing I want more in the world then to wake up with you by my side every morning, to have children with you, to have the honor of being your husband, will you marry me?" he asked, I put an astonished hand over my mouth tears streaking my ace. His eyes grew worried and a soft look of sorrow slid into is eyes, but he did not get up.

"So what do you say? Be mine?" I finally regained possession of my body enough to nod happily. A grin swept across his features and such happiness like I had never seen flooded his eyes, soft tears came down his cheeks. He leapt up and slid the ring onto my outstretched finger and swept me into his arms in one fluid motion. "So this is what heaven feel like" I finally stated when he broke apart and he kissed the tears of happiness off of my face "I love you so much " he stated caressing my face. "I love you to" I stated kissing him again

How could you not?

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