How do you make such a choice as you have,

To throw away your chance to find earthly love?

Your life is now dedicated to the lord our god,

And your earthly existence shall remain barren.

Everyday you shall walk along in your collar,

And every night you shall slip into bed, alone.

You will stand on the altar many times over,

But it will never be you who gives her the ring.

You will stand next to the casket of the departed,

And hear the widow or widower mourn,

Knowing no one on earth will mourn for you

In the same way this person is being mourned.

You know your hair will turn gray with age,

And no woman has run her hands through it.

You know arthritis will enter into your hands,

But your fingers shall never interlock with hers.

How is it that you can make such a choice?

That you can leave life behind with no legacy?

All who know you will love you in their way,

But none shall love you as more than a father.

You know all this upon taking your vows,

Yet you don't hesitate when pledging your life

You have found the love of God the Father,

And he has embraced you as one of his children.

How lucky you are to have found this love,

Which so many of his children will never find.

Go through your lucky life of righteousness,

And help all those who do not know His love.

Spend every second on earth saving man's soul,

And then enter into the only kingdom you know.