I feel something's different. I'm growing out of my skin.
Possibilities by Teddy Geiger

She used to be a hopeful dreamer, the kind of person that would rather believe in people than trust the rumors about them. The kind of girl that didn't worry about getting flowers on Valentine's Day – or any other day for that matter. The kind of girl that didn't run after love, but rather away from it because she was afraid of having more responsibilities than the ones she already did.

She had a mind of her own and her creativity knew no boundaries. Daydreaming was something she did often, but only when she wasn't so busy trying to reach her goals. The impossibility of reaching perfection never fazed her, for she knew she could eventually get something very similar to it. She never had that feeling though.

Feigned friendships, broken promises and daily fatalities showed her that things didn't always work out in the end. Her life went from an upbeat, sweet melody to one of those sad songs that belonged to the soundtrack of a bad B movie full of those overrated clichés. She turned into the kind of girl that wouldn't let people in, no matter how hard they tried.

Daydreaming didn't take her free time anymore and only nightmares came at night whenever she didn't have those blessed dreamless hours of sleep. She used to be a hopeful dreamer.

Now, she's just hopeless.