I like to write about you…
I like to think about you…
I think you like to think about me too.

I like to live for you,
I like to dream about you…
I know you know this too,
and know that you and I
are the truth.

When we touch,
when our fingers meet
it feels like a surprise.

When they intertwine and I look into your eyes,
when your lips meet mine
it feels divine…
And when I fall asleep against your slowly rising chest
I, too, feel alive.

I walk with you
I talk with you
You and I, side by side
I don't forget.
There are no more regrets
in all that's left behind.

Step by step
We're growing up,
growing deeper in love…
You and I, side by side
strongly defending, protecting the other
That's what love is,
what we are…


watashi no koi ga totemo aishiteru