When I saw him,
I knew he was something different
My mind didn't notice,
and neither did my heart

But somewhere in my soul I knew
And it would not let me forget
My life touched his as soon as we tried
to find out this quiet boy's name
The boy with curtains for bangs

He was average, he was anybody
He wasn't noticeable
But he was

We sought out the boy that read vampire books
He beat my friend to them everytime
as the new ones came in the school's library
That was why we wanted to know
Who he was

Michalson, Michalson
Eventually we found out his name-
A few bruises were involved
Michalson, the boy from chemistry class
that's all he was
Just some boy

We became friends,
We joked and laughed,
She adopted him as her brother,
But I barely knew him
For a long time, he was a vague figure,
a face with a name,
and maybe a couple sporadic facts mixed in too.

I may not have known him well yet,
But my presence meant something to him
He saw something in me I never had.
He changed; we made him something more than what he was
Inspired by our openness, our hyperness

He lost his hate, his hermit-ness
He became a friend
He became something new

He loved how different we were from the world
We were geniune
We are real

The quiet boy became alive
He began to learn how to love life
To live life like we had

Gone was that mundane day to day drag
Gone was that mild apathy of everything around us, so annoying
Gone was the hatred
The dark, and the sad

He learned to be alive, and loved every minute of it.
He found so much joy in us…

Why it was me, I'll never know.
So clumsy, so slow
I was always bothering him, pestering him,
though often defending him.

Why it was me, who knows.
But I'm glad it was.
Because I was too meek to think
That anyone could love me…

But he grew, we grew,
He became stronger, and bolder.
A strong leader,
Someone I could depend on…

Who knew that quiet boy
with curtians for bangs
Would become a man
My man?