Pieces of Forever

We all know that most of our teenage relationships won't last more than a few months. It's just one of those undeniable facts in life; that we, the hormone-driven adolescents, are unable to hold onto relationships for too long. Of course this isn't true for everyone, just most. But it has to be admitted. We've all dreamed of "staying together forever" with that one special person. Sadly, some fear commitment, life gets in the way, and sometimes the spark just dies.

Forever is one of those unattainable realities, (right under Perfection), meant for fairytales, films, and wishful thinking. Because none of us will be around for the End of the World, the end of Eternity, for an endless period of time. Time goes on, but we do not. However we may try to delay the inevitable, forever, the big forever, is out of reach. Reality's a sad thing, isn't it?

But maybe that's not really it. Maybe it's the string of things, those loose ends, those pure, (almost) perfect moments that make up what lovers call forever. Maybe they will not last for all eternity, but they've caught a piece of it, and they've held on. And in the end, that's all we can ask for.

The collection of drabbles and one-shots that follow illustrate this point I've got. Couples, each different, some old, some new, finding their version of forever. Maybe you don't agree. Maybe you're not going to hit that little arrow at the bottom of this page and see what lies beyond it. That's fine. I understand. But whether you do or do not, I salute you. I bid you farewell, I wish you luck—the best of luck—and I hope you find your piece of forever.