And so it begins...

I found the 100 fic challenge on LiveJournal by way of the fabulous Dyami Neris and thought I should try it out. Basically you are given 100 one-word prompts and you have to write 100 fics - one per prompt. They can be in any order. There are a couple other rules, but they are pretty easy-going. There is no time limit, so this was my alternative to NaNoWriMo this year. Maybe next year...

So I plan to post these as I finish them. I finished three last night (11/16/07) in a burst of inspiration. I have been harboring these storylines for a long time.

Basically, I wrote each prompt and a short outline of what I thought that fic should be about. They are all set in the same world, in the same time period, but happening to different characters and not nearly in chronological order. I hope that each can stand on its own more or less, and the overall story will come together as you continue to read... I stress hopefully.

I'm having fun with these, so please let me know what you think of them. (read:please reassure me that this time spent away from OoT has been well spent:)



001 – Beginnings

"Lidlum, the break room is supposed to be for breaks."

Charles Lidlum looked up from the stack of folders before him. He smiled a little, pushing his glasses back onto his nose. Peter Scotts fell into a couch with a sigh. His long, spidery frame was bent awkwardly across the cushions. Lidlum was a little jealous. One of the youngest men ever to advance to his position and he still had to deal with short jokes. But Scotts was one of the good ones. The tall man waved his hand at the folders.

"Whatcha got all that in here for?"

"Looking for mistakes." Lidlum squinted at the carbon copy he was holding. Whoever had written the original had atrocious handwriting and the smudged lines of the copy had made it even more illegible. Scotts laughed. He sounded tired.

"Don't do it, Lidlum" He had pulled off his lab coat and bundled it under his head like a pillow. His sandy hair drifted over his face. Jealousy nipped at Lidlum again. Handsome was another thing he would never be. Not even if this all worked out the way it should.

"You'll find one and there'll be twenty more waiting to jump out and bite you in the ass," Scotts concluded sagely, his arm draped over his face. Lidlum smiled, but it was a small smile. He had already noticed. For every successful outcome of an experiment, it seemed as though there had been a thousand failures.

He wasn't interested in the successes: they had what they had. He wanted to make sure that they didn't make the same mistakes again. Or anything similar. A repeat of the mouse incident would be the downfall of the company. They had warded off the media that time. Lidlum doubted they could do it again.

They had been trying to make mice smarter, so they had been manipulating together mouse and monkey brain DNA matter. It was working fine, except that there were some strange symptoms from the mice. Their toes were becoming prehensile and things like that. Then some idiot that wasn't paying attention allowed an unauthorized breeding and the resulting embryo was a revolting mouse-monkey hybrid that would have killed its tiny mother had it not been aborted. The DNA mixing technique was declared unsatisfactory and it had been back to square one.

It was an example of carelessness and lack of foresight. Lidlum did not intend for it to happen again. Not with what he had in mind. Now, if only he could get someone to listen…