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Six months later I am hit with one of those blinding insights, in a moment when you feel like you are a third person spectator to your own life.

After a long day at uni and a drink at the Marley with Jet and Noah and Chas and George- the people who make me laugh until I am light enough to float sky-high, I am staying the night in Glebe with the boy who has made me cry the hardest. But there are times, in the afternoon over take-away Chinese, in the morning over coffee and sleep-crusted eyes, when those memories fade, when I remember he was the reason I stopped crying, too. My back fits into the curve of his stomach and his chest. The rise and fall of his breath is a warm blanket. The night is still, soothing in its silence.

In that moment, I feel walls closing around me, paths closing off, as if the landmarks identifying my life out of the six billion others are ready to wear and tear and age alongside me. When did my life become so normal? What happened to the world? What happened to taking action? What happened to making changes?

Tyler shifts onto his back and I take advantage of this slight break in his sleep to poke him on the shoulder.



"Tyler, let's go to Ecuador."


"Will you come with me to Ecuador?"

He blinks at me, eyes cat-like in the dark. "I'll go anywhere with you, if you'll just let me sleep."

He gives me a half smile and I know he means it. I roll onto my side, tucking into him, and he puts an arm over my shoulder. And I think- enough with waiting for the play button to be hit, enough with torturing myself with every ingredient to make my life into a mundane, horrid stew. Sure there are things I want to do, to change, to be- but I'm eighteen and I'm still figuring myself out. I'm still figuring out what will make me happy. And I have Tyler and I have tenacity and all the time in the world.