Ever wonder what its like to be the black sheep of the family? Well that's what I am. My name is Vivian Thomas. I

am your average eighteen year old girl. I am not too tall only 5'7. I am slender, not well endowed having been the

last of three girls. I have long dark brown hair that reaches to about my mid-back. I am a senior at West Central

High school. The reason I call myself the black sheep is because... well you'll see. So here's my story. It all started

about a year ago when I was peacefully sleeping.

'Beep' 'Beep' 'Beep'

"Ugh." Is kind of the sound I made as I tried to turn off my alarm clock. When I finally found it I hit the snooze

button. Rolling over I closed my eyes intending to fall back to sleep. When I heard my mothers voice yell up the

stairs to me. "Vivian! Get up your gonna be late for school."

"I'm up mom!" I yelled back to her. I grumbled words I didn't even understand as I got out of bed. Walking into my

walk-in closet, I grabbed a dark t-shirt at random. After grabbing fresh socks, jeans and my undergarments, I

headed into my bathroom. That's the one thing I was happy about when my parents bought this house ten years ago.

Is that I didnt have to fight with my two older sisters to take a shower. After I showered, I brushed out my hair and

headed downstairs. Walking into the kitchen I saw my mother whispering to my oldest sister Maria. Maria got all

the good genes between us girls. She had blue eyes, blond hair and is the captain of the Cheer leading team.

"Hey its not nice to tell secrets." I playfully scolded. Upon hearing me they both jumped. My mother Violet,

looking just like me only standing at 5'4, blushed and smirked. "Oh I didn't know you would be up right now."

"Umm, dont you remember just waking me up? What, not even twenty minutes ago?" I said as to her.

"Yeah but I didn't know if you fell back to sleep or not." My mother said pulling out the milk container. "But now

that you are down here, I would like to tell you that your dad and I are going out of town for a while." She

explained as she sipped her milk that she poured.

"Well then... that's not anything new. You guys are always going out of town." I told her as I grabbed my keys off the table.

Maria rolled her eyes and said "What mom is trying to say is that they are going away, so we cant have any parties."

"Well don't they always tell us this whenever they leave?" I said confused.

"Yes, that's true." My mother said "but we will be gone for a while so I expect you girls to watch over the house. So we don't come home to it being ruined. We don't know how long we will be gone for and I am leaving Maria in charge."

"What? Why are you leaving her in charge? All she is going to do is have her boy toy over and make out the whole

time." I looked at her like she was crazy.

Maria was glaring daggers at me and was about to say something before my mom interrupted.

"Look, Maria is the oldest and she knows how I feel about this situation. So I am going to trust her that she make the right decisions this time."

"Whatever I gotta go i am going to be late for school." I grabbed my backpack and left the kitchen. Walking

outside I got in my suburban and headed for school. My parents never went on trips for that long. The longest they

ever were gone was for maybe a week and a half. My dad is a head of a construction company and my mother is his

financial ad-visor. So they always had somewhere to be. Don't get me wrong the raised us well its just that they are

never around anymore now that my sisters and I are older.

I pulled into the school parking lot and parked in my usual spot. Getting out of my car I grabbed my backpack and

headed up to the school. My school is fairly big, even though we live in a small town kids come from all over the

county to go here. Walking up to the main entrance I hear my name being called. I turn around and try to follow

the voice among the large numbers of students.

"Viv." I saw my best friend Patrick jumping up and down.

"Hey." He said as he caught up to me. "Hi Patty." I said smirking.

"Don't call me that you know I hate it." He said scowling.

Patrick, unlike me is popular. He has wavy brown hair and is about three inches taller than me. He is the football

star. Yes the quarterback. I always wonder why he even hangs out with me when I am not very popular. Don't get

me wrong I have lots of friends, but he just seems like one of those guys that would be hanging out with my sister.

We met when we were in the seventh grade and have been best friends ever since.

"I'm sorry. I just had too." I said laughing, we headed into the school to my locker.

"So are we still hanging out tonight?" Patrick asked me as I opened my locker.

"Yes, my parents are leaving town so my plan is to be away from home as much as possible." I told him grabbing

my books.

"Oh well looks like your place is where the party is gonna be." Patrick laughed at his own joke.

"That's not funny because I know that Maria will most likely have a party." I closed my locker and leaned on it.

"Well then we will be there." Patrick's eyes lit up. "Just to..of course make sure your house is left in one piece."

I smacked him on the arm. "Yeah right you know you just wanna go and get wasted." I pushed off the locker and

started walking down the hallway.

"Well that's always fun too." Patrick said falling into step beside me.

"To you, its always fun...ahhh."

Just as I turned to corner I ran into what seemed like a huge sumo wrestler. Landing on my butt I looked up to see

what, or who was landed on me.

"Geez watch out where your going." The wrestler told me.

OK so hes not as big as a sumo wrestler, but he looks like he could be. When the guy got off of me I got a better

view of him. He stood about the same height as Patrick,

but he has short dirty blond hair, and green eyes.

"Hey whats your problem man you ran into her." Patrick said as he helped me up off the ground.

"Well if she was watching where she was going I wouldn't have ran into her." The guy said arrogantly.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" I yelled at him as I pushed him. "That was not my fault at all. The least you

could have done was say that your sorry."

I could see his jaw muscles twitch as he stared at me. At this point I was right in his face. He was about to say something when I felt an hand on my arm.

"Come on Viv, hes not even worth it." Patrick told me pulling me away.

"Where you going cutie? We aren't done with our talk yet." The jerk yelled as we walked away.

I looked back at him and he was smirking. Patrick turned around and yelled, "Dude just leave her the hell alone."

I faced Patrick and said. "What a jerk! Have you ever seen that guy before?" Patrick shook his head. "No."

We reached our first hour, which is English. We made our way to the back of the class and took our seats next to

each other. We talked about random things until the bell rang for school to start. My teacher Mrs. Emperor, a

younger woman in her mid thirty's stood up, just as she was about to start her lesson the door swung open.

"Oh this must be our new student." She said as the new kid walked into the room. "Class this is Devan Matthews.

Devan go ahead and take a seat next to Vivian. Vivian raise your hand please."

I huffed and put my hand up. Devan walked to the back and sat next to me. "Well hey there cutie. Looks like we

will get to finish our talk after all." I rolled my eyes and looked at Patrick he looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Great." Is all I said as our teacher began her lesson.