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'Tap Tap Tap', was the sound that for the last ten minutes of class I heard. I looked up at Devan, he was tapping his pencil on his desk looking bored.

"You do know that some people are trying to work." I glared at him.

"Yeah, but whats the fun in doing that?" He smirked. "I'm sure we can find much better ways to pass the time." He said seductively leaning closer to me.

"If you come one more inch near me. You wont find that pencil." I told him holding up a finger.

"Its ok I'll just take yours."

"Ugh you are such a ..." I was cut off by the bell ringing.

I quickly grabbed my books and raced out of the classroom. Not even waiting for Patrick, I made my way to my

next class. Thankfully 'the jerk' was not in my next two classes. By lunch time. I met up with Patrick at our usuall table.

"Why did'nt you wait for me after first hour?" He asked as he bit into his pizza.

I grabbed out my chips and soda from my backpack.

"Because if 'the jerk' would have said one more thing to me then there was gonna be a smackdown in that classroom." I replied taking a sip of my soda.

"Well hes also in my third hour, and he was having a long talk with Maria." Patrick said with his mouthfull.

"Good. He can stay the hell away from me then. I dont care." I looked towards the cheerleaders table.

Of course 'the jerk' a.k.a. Devan, was sitting next to my sister with his arm around her shoulders.

"I heard that he moved from Maine after his parents died." Patrick said when he noticed where I was looking.

I turned back to him and continued to eat my chips. "Thats sad but it still does'nt make up for him being rude." I told him.

"Well I know, but maybe hes just having a hard time with it."

"Can we please just stop talking about this?" I said as I set down my chips.

Patrick nodded and finished off his pizza. I heard a scream and looked around for the source. My eyes rested on Maria who was standing up with milk all over her 'too tight' t shirt. Maria was screaming at a scared looking freshman who looked like she was about to cry.

"What the hell? You ruined my shirt. Go find a rock to crawl under loser" Maria said to the poor girl.

The girl ran out of the cafeteria crying. Maria stormed out after her. I looked at Patrick and followed her out in

the hall. I saw Maria going into the girls bathroom. So I followed her into it. She was standing at the sink trying to clean up her shirt. She looked up as I walked in.

"What the hell do you want?" She snapped.

"Your such a bitch. Why did you have to scream at her like that?" I said crossing my arms over my chest. "Just because you got a little spilled milk on your shirt doesnt mean, you have to ruine that poor girl like that."

"Why the hell do you care anyways? You dont care about anyone but yourself." Maria said walking up to me.

"You should just go crawl under the same rock as that 'little freshie'."

"Unlike you I have feelings, ok. I'm not the one who has to walk all over people just to get her own way. God forbid you dont get your own way, because then people like her have to feel like shit."

"Your just jealous that I am popular." She huffed. "Thats what your problem is"

I laughed outright, "Jealous!? Of what? You? I dont think so. You see the only problem that I have is that were of the same gene pool. You disgust me"

With that said I walked out of the bathroom. I walked back into the cafeteria and headed back to the table. When I

saw Patrick I noticed that he was not alone. Patrick looked pretty irritated. I walked up and grabbed my backpack.

Devan looked at me and smirked.

"Well hey there cutie ready to finish that talk?"

I turned to Patrick, "I forgot my book in my car, ill see you in sixth hour."

Patrick nodded his head, and I turned to leave. I heard Devan yell to me and I just kept going. When I reached the hallway Maria was just coming out of the bathroom.

"Where the hell do you think your going?" She asked me stepping in my way.

"Move." I said simply and tried to walk around her.

"No, you better not be ditching again mom and dad will be mad." She said blocking my way.

"So go run and tell them I dont care." I said as I walked around her not telling her I wasnt leaving.

Not looking back I heard her say. "Hey Dev."

Then a shocked reply. "You guys are sisters?"

I didnt wait to hear Marias reply before I walked out of the doors. On my way to my car I heard footsteps behind me. I kept going until I reached my car.

"Hey cutie where ya goin?" In my head I counted to ten.

"Did you hear me? I asked where are you going?" Devan said again.

I turned around and was shocked at how close he was to me. "I heard you, its not like I know you or care to know why are you worried about it?" He smirked and leaned on my car.

"Well we'll just have to get to know each other than wont we."

"In your dreams." I scoffed. "Well I'm not dreaming about you... yet."

"Look cant you take a hint." I said slowly. "I dont want anything to do with you. Got it."

He shook his head, "Now thats no way to talk to the new kid, is it?"

Ignoring him I opened my door and jumped in. Searching in the backseat for my drawing notebook, I heard a tap on my window.

"Look would you just leave me al..." I started to yell. Seeing who it was I stopped and opened the door.

"Hi Mr. Green." I said stepping out.

"Mrs. Thomas." The short balding man said. "Going somewhere. Class starts in three minutes." He checked the watch on his chubby wrist.

"No I was looking for my notebook. I forgot it in my car." I told him closing the door.

"Well then get to class. I dont wanna hear that your late again"

"I wont be." I told him and was about to turn away when he said to Devan. "Do you know the way to your next class?"

Devan smiled. "No sir, I saw Vivian coming out here when I got lost and I was going to ask her to show me where to go."

I scowled at him.

"Well then Vivian be kind and show him to his next class." Mr. Green said and walked away.

"Well come on cutie we dont have all day." He tried to wrap his arm around my shoulders.

"Do. Not. Touch me." I told him between clenched teeth.

"Oh I already have if you have'nt forgotten." He said and winked at me.

"Jerk." I mumbled under my breath. "What was that?"

I rolled my eyes, "Lets go."

We walked into the school and ironically his class was right next to mine. "Well cutie I will talk to you later."

Before I could say anything he walked into the classroom. The next two hours went by quickly. I managed to avoid

Devan after class. By sixth hour I was ready to go home.

Walking into my class. I noticed Patrick in the back. I walked between the rows and sat next to him.

"Hey there cutie." Patrick smirked. I smacked him on the back of his head.

"Ow, I was just kidding geez." He said holding his head.

"Dont start with me." I told him and watched as everyone else filed into the room.

"OMG." I said when I saw 'the jerk' walk into the room.

I heard Patrick laughing. I looked over and he had tears in his eyes. I smacked him again.

"Would you stop doing that. Your gonna give me brain damage." He yelped.

"This is SO not funny." I told him and I rested my head on my arms. I looked up when I heard,
our teacher tell Devan to sit next to Patrick.

'Yes.' I thought, 'At least hes not next to me.'

The rest of the hour i was busy drawing on a piece of paper. Not listening to our teacher. Thankfully this time

Devan made no move to distract me. At the end of the class. Patrick and I headed out to the parking lot.

"I'll see you later. Im gonna go home and take a shower. Call me before you come over." I told him getting into my car.

"Okay see ya."

I drove home and took a shower.
When I got out I dressed and did my homework. Just as I was finishing I heard my phone ring. "Hello." I said picking it up.

"Hey viv." I heard Patrick say.

"Hey whats up." "Not much just getting ready to leave. A bunch of the guys are going to get some pizza, do you care if we go with them?" He asked me.

"No thats fine I just wanna get out of here."

"Ok I'll pick you up in like 20 mins." He told me.

"Ok see you then." I got off my bed and walked downstairs.

Maria and Jennifer were not home yet. Jennifer is my other sister. She's not as mean as Maria but she is no angel.

Twenty minutes later I was getting into Patricks car.

"Hi." I said as I put on my seatbelt.

"Hey." He pulled out of my driveway and headed down the street. We were quiet on the way to the pizza place.

When we got there we found a spot and parked. Walking into the building you were hit with the smell of garlic bread and oregano. I followed Patrick as he headed to the back where there were booths.

"Hey, Patrick, Vivian." Some random jock yelled. We both said hello and sat in the booth. There were five other

jocks, only three I knew. Mark, David, and Josh. Patrick was talking to Josh while I was talking to Mark.

"So I heard you slapped your sister during lunch"Mark said smirking.

"I wish I had, shes such a bitch." I said sipping on my soda, the waitress brought.

"I know she always acts like shes better than everyone. I think shes hot but I would rather she had your personality." Mark looked serious.

"Well thanks I guess." I said wanting to change the subject. Patrick noticed this and put his arm around my shoulders.

"So are you coming to Josh's party this weekend?" He asked me.

"Um no." Is all I said as I ate some pizza.

"Oh come on Vivian. The last party of mine you came too was over a year ago." Josh said pouting.

"Yeah, and?" I said really not wanting to go.

"AND?! You should go." Patrick said, "If you dont then Ill drag you there myself."

"Oh you think so huh."

"I know so." He said arrogantly.

"We'll see about that." I told him laughing.

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