March 23rd, 6:15 am

The windchimes rang cheerily to one another as the morning's breeze passed through the open window into a small bedroom. The wind jumped across the window sill, twirled through the framing curtains and stroked the face of a girl sitting quietly and patiently at the end of a single bed.

Her bright eyes watched the owner of the room: a young teenage girl who slept. The sleeping girl lay face down, snoring lightly and confessing mumblings to her pillow. The girl was fascinated by the sleeper's frizzy red hair, which was tangled and messed to a resemblance of a feral animal, and her clear abhorrence of any kind of order with clothes tossed and thrown in places on the floor.

Light began streaming through the window from a rising sun. As the girl stood, her delicate and pale dress tumbling in folds to her ankles. She bit gently into her pale lips, still watching the other girl asleep in her bed and there she waited with intense curiosity.

Birds began to sing in the new morning and the sleeping girl began to stir. She kicked at the blankets and sheets covering her as her grumbling grew louder in her frustration.

The watcher's heart beat at a faster pace. Her teeth pressed harder into her lips. Her throat became dry and her eyes opened a little wider. She stepped backwards and rested a hand on a set of drawers to hold herself up.

"Rowan!" yelled a strange voice from outside the bedroom door, "Time to get up, Rowan!"

Whilst the sleeper groaned, the watcher jumped and she knocked an alarm clock to the floor. Her eyes darted to the bed then back to the clock as it let out a metallic scream. She nudged it and when that didn't work, she returned it to its place.

"Please be quiet. I didn't mean to disturb you. Please." She asked in an urgent whisper.

The sound continued.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please be quiet. Please! Why are you making this noise?"

She tried touching it to calm it down but the volume of the shrill increased.

"You've got to be kidding me." Rowan said croakily to her pillow. Grumpily, she pushed herself up, punched her pillow and turned her head towards the end of her bed. In her blurred view, Rowan could swear she saw a girl, perhaps younger than herself, with unnatural white hair and features. Eyes wide and biting her nails, she was silent and shone in the light barricading through the window. She appeared like an illusion.

Groaning, Rowan sat up properly, closed her eyes tight, yawned and looked again.

There was no girl there.

Rowan rubbed her eyes and tucked her messy hair behind her ears. She looked again.

It was just her drawers and a small metallic alarm clock dancing on its spot.

Her fingers grasped for a slipper on the floor by her bed and with a weak throw she silenced the alarm clock.

Confused and tired, Rowan fell back onto her bed and buried her face in her pillow.