Relena Dorlian Peacecraft

The path is well marked

but people are blind

they don't try to learn

and leave others behind.

They trip and fall

stumbling into the Night

They loose their grip

on the fading light

No one heeds when I say


They stumble onwards

into the lair

of the terrible thing that hides

in the deepness

of their minds

It will take you by surprise

blackness seeps

to cover your eyes

You can never understand

until it has fully bound your hands.

Please listen to me when I say


don't go into that deadly lair

You're starting to see

what darkness hides

in the deepness of you mind.

Don't end up hopeless in the night

hold on to the fading light...

Now you've gone and fallen

into the Lair

you didn't listen

when I said beware

You're going to loose

all you hold dear





and fear.

You've lost the fading light.

You opened the door

and let in the night

now you can see

we're losing the fight

At last you can see the terrible cost

of regaining

what we have lost.