Disclaimer: This is an original fic, belonging to me and me alone. In other words I created it all from my own little head. Do not use the characters or reproduce them or the story line in anyway what so ever without my permission.

Title: I. Fallen Angel

By: Jaya

Writen: 8/30/00

(Angel's Down)

iDawning in the silence.

Looking for a star,

To make a wish apone.

Waiting, to see some sign of hope.

Fallen Angel sitting silent in the corner.

(echo: Down. Down. Down)/i

Here I sit, my back against the walls of stone. Shoulders in the corner. My head rests on palms of my hands, apone my knees. The room is cold, no door hangs in the gapping hole. That mars the other side. Tendrils of inky blackness slipping in, crawling across the floor, carying on their backs the freezing air of winter. I know I'm shivering but it's so cold now I can't feel it any longer.


That is what I am, and what I shall be. A fallen Angel with a pair of broken wings. No way to fly, no place to go. Limp locks of stringy hair fall about my pale face. Curtaining my body from the world. But there are no eyes to see me here, no sad condeming smiles. For one who never found the means to fly away.


Tears slide down my cheeks, silently freezing before they can fall. I don't bother whipping them away. No point. The blanket that once lay snug about my shoulders, now pooled about me on the floor. I remember things of the past. Happiness once within my grasp.

iA warm hand on my shoulder.

Early spring ran,

Spilling from the heavens.

Dancing in the sunset.

Smilling lips, with Laughing eyes.

Dawns a clear sparkling night.

Walking benith the crystal moon.

Hand in hand,

Once spring's lovers,

Winter's love and Autumn's friends.

Summers on the way.

(Echo: Down. Down. Down.)/i

That balmy night so long ago, lives still inside this corpsen shell, playing before unseeing eyes. Withing a mind lock lost in the past. Tightly frozen fingers clutch at a dingy scape of material. I lean my head back in the corner staring up at the dark ceiling above. Long since forgotten words whisper softly in my mind.

iWalking in the Moon Light.

Amont a crickets chorse.

Not a word is sopken.

Feelings shared in silence.

(Echo: Down. Down. Down.)

Parting such sad adue.

Now, Gone and Lost, Forever.

No one here to pick me up.

As down again I fall.

(Echo: Down. Down. Down.)/i

I hear a camotion outside, but the knoledge is mine. In they will not come. So I sit. Alone. Such a fool am I, never knowing what to do. Never doing what is right. Always something done must be wrong. The fault is mine. Always. Fool. Fool. Fool.

iI've fallen down.

Down, Down, Down.

In the past I have been.

Always on the ground.

With no one there to help me up.

Angel without wings.

Falling from the icy hights.

One heaven can not claim.

(Echo: Down. Down. Down.)/i

Once I believed, there was a helping hand. Were did he go? Left me standing in the sand apone the shore. Tried of myself he grew. Finally realizing, I have no hope. No one can bring me up. Always I must fall. Tired of trying I pulled him down, back to earth with me. He left. But what can I do? I only know how to fall. No one ever showed me how to fly...

iStaring at the stars,

Wishing for a chance.

(echo)Just one chance.

Only one single chance.

To raise into the heavens.

Far above the lonely Earth.

Let their glory claim me.

(Echo: Down. Down. Down.)/i

Once I had a chance, to soar. Dipping and diving through the clouds. Someone offered to show me how to use my wings in flight. But only a foot above the solid ground, my nevers did I loose. You quickly left me far behind. I lost sight of you in the growing doom. As slowly back to Earth I slipped. Fresh tears of dispear, slide down my porcline cheeks. I stare with sadness up into crystal heavens reaches. Blinded by the moon. Full of it's flashing jewels the night, decked out to shin this night. In a gown of velvet black, glittering with diamond jewels. Forlorn a fallen Angel, who never learned to fly.

iOnce a long time ago.

He offered to teach me to fly.

But I got left behind again.

Falling back, To this spinning ball of Dirt.

Why didn't you come back?

You promised to teach me to fly.

Only to leave me stranded.

With tears in my eyes.

(Echo: Down. Down. Down.)/i

But I picked myself up again, and on I do go. Wishing I could fly, but a grounded am I. One who never got the chance. To show the others what to do. Pulled back to the ground every time I try to go ahead. Left behind the rest, breathing in their dust. Unable to catch up. No one stops to wait for me. I wish I was up there. Where I can never seem to reach. Wondering how they achieved the mentality of flight.

iThrough a diming cloud.

Broken Angel walks.

Tears apone her pale cheeks.

Looking to another world.

Wishing on a star.

Fall Angel left behind.

Lost in this maze of life,

That our hears and minds define.

(Echo: Down. Down. Down.)/i