Mystery in My Lens


I was perched on a branch in the middle of some forest with my baby, my camera, in my hand. I looked through the smeared lens and saw a familiar face smiling up at me. It seemed like he stalked were ever I went. A guy, no older then me, with sexy, shaggy blonde hair and a smile that could melt hearts, his ocean blue eyes always had a flicker of mistift in them. When I walk through the city I could feel him watching, staring at me but when I turned around to meet his gaze it seemed like he rippled, vanished into the distance. Not this time I thought, this time I'll catch this mysterious, handsome guy in the act. Of course like always, I looked back up from my camera but he was already gone.

I woke up last night from a startling dream, the mystery man was in it. I was once again in the forest when all of the sudden he put his hand on my shoulder. He spoke in a soft, velvet tone and said that I was in danger. Then the next think I know he turned into someone else. He was now a middle aged man, with a mean look in his eyes. He hit me with something and I fell to the ground, the magical but horrific dream ended.

My eyes fluttered open in a start. I could hear buzzing of my alarm clock, but the noise sounded distant and muffled. My vision swirled around and I heard a whisper through the night,

Brace yourself.

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