You're in love with me, and I'm in love with you,
And all I need to know, is our love will get us through,
When ever I find myself drowning in tears,
You hold me in your arms, and take away my fears,
You're always there protecting me and always by my side,
I trust you more than any other, and it's you in who I confide,
It feels like heaven being with you and a blessing when we kiss,
But afterwards when you aren't there it's that I seem to miss,
I think about you all the time, even in my dreams,
Because with you I could never be alone, you're always there it seems,
Thank you for giving me the strength to be alive today,
I guess I'll never find the words to completely say,
How much you mean to me and the feeling my heart feels,
My heart skips a beat when you enter a room, who can tell me that's not real?
If I'm not in love then what do you call this?
Whenever we touch, is it not perfect bliss?
I know God sent you to me to help me when I'm sad,
You are the good in my life and with you I know things can never get that bad,
I have you to thank for my life, you saved me when I wanted to die,
You held me in your arms, and answered my every cry,
Thank you sweetie, thank you so much.