Authors Note


Just a notice to all that read this story, I have started a sequel, based on Alex and Charlie's children, Keeley and Rhys. This story is called 'Live you life', and the synopsis is below, so please give it a look :)

Most of the main characters will reappear, including the now married Alex and Charlie, and Bradley and Eve will also make a few appearances, but the story will mainly be about Keeley and Rhys.

Live your life
Keeley had become one of the most popular girls at school seemingly overnight, whilst her brother Rhys seemed invisible to the world. Soon Keeleys grades begin to drop as her life spirals out of control, and when her parents (Alex and Charlie, It only takes a minute) decide to move her to an exclusive boarding school, she finds her life changing for what she sees as the worst. But when she meets the school hunk Austin, she holds back and soon experiences life on the other side of popular.

Thank you, and please give the new story a go :)

Ly, x