Published: 9-4-05


I can't understand something, maybe you can help.

I don't know why we, humanity, are so screwed up.

We are all the same, true?

We come from different lifestyles and different places.

But aren't we made of the same thing?

So what if he has black skin?

Are we mean to them because they have blue eyes, or red hair?

Why do we continue to show animosity to those we should welcome with open arms?

Why do wars go on between brothers?

There is no good explanation for it.

The innocents who are killed are not foremost in our minds, are they?

During the Holocaust millions of people died, not because of illness, but because of human arrogance and technology.

Even though we are all of different ethnicity, we are brothers and sisters,

We are related through the human existence.

Innocent people die, human beings are killed.

Why can't people understand?

What if they were the poor child, man, or woman who was hit with a stray bullet or put into a gas chamber to die slowly?

I think they would prefer a quick death to the long painful ones some endure.

So while they die quickly a child somewhere slowly starves.

Why do we fight when we could be feeding the poor?

On March 20, 2003 we went to war. A war that is now over, in part.

We remain there, overseas, fighting the rebels.

The people who want us out.

Why did we go in the first place?

For freedom? For victory? For revenge?

What are the politicians thinking right now?

Safe and warm in their houses awaiting the reports?

As they read the count of dead?

How could you give that order, two years ago, to send people to their deaths?

I know that I could never do that.

So many people have died fighting for their countries and their beliefs.

And if your country loses?

Your death didn't have to happen, but it did.

Don't get me wrong, I am loyal to my country.

But to die in vain?

To live and fight for your country and to die and not win the war?

We are still at war!

We were threatened by biological weapons!

Ones we could find no where in Iraq.

Thousands of people died in 2001, when two planes crashed into the Twin Towers.

Did you ever stop to think of them?

All the children orphaned by the destruction of September 11th.

The men and women who were trapped in the rubble of our proud towers and the happiness of the terrorists.

How about the men in the army who might never see their families again?

The men who will go to war and come back deranged and scared because of the traumatic acts of war?

Maybe you did, maybe you didn't.

If you did, it wasn't on your mind for too long.

You soon forgot the sad faces of the people lost.

War is useless.

It kills generations and messes with their minds.

It takes our loved ones away.

I'm not objecting to the bravery of the men.

I am not denying that they are good men.

I am just saying that war is useless.

A/N: I am very opinionated on this point. I am sorry if this makes you think I am not loyal to my country or patriotic enough. You have to deal with it. I love my country, butI also love my life. So deal.