Dream, Girl

Dream, girl, dream

Of a better place and time

Dream, girl, dream

But you are always mine

And tell yourself that it was love

That really brought you to me

Tell yourself that it was fate

And that we were meant to be

If it helps you to believe it, I say

That we were destined for each other

And I promise we will always be together

And forever belong to one another

So, dream, girl, dream

Fool yourself some more

So, dream, girl, dream

And reality just ignore

Believe what you want, girl

If it makes you feel better

Believe what you dare, girl

In the end, it'll only fetter

Dreams are all you'll ever have

Because you will never escape

From the chains I've wrapped around

Your soul, in a twisted shape

Yes, dream, girl, dream

Because you think it sets you free

Yes, dream, girl, dream

Because you'll always belong to me

A/N: Hello. Another strange poem from yours truly. Anyway, I hope you like it. Please review.

Luv ya,
Tashi :)