Would u tell me how could it be any better than this? U calm the storms u give me rest u hold me in your arms u won't let me fall. U still my heart and take my breathe away would u take me in would u take me deeper now cause your all I want your all I need your everything.

This is why we belong together...Because whenever you smile something deep inside me urges me to smile back. Whenever I'm down and I hear your laughter I come alive again. Whenever I get too excited or agitated, you know how to calm me down. I often catch myself
or when you listen to others just seeing your reaction makes me happy...I Know we belong Together because when we talk you'll say something that has been asleep in me for awhile, or even something I never knew was there. You're the first person I want to see in the morning and the last one I want to touch before I go to sleep
You're the one I want to turn to when things get rough the one I want to share my happiness with when things are going great the one to whom I want to entrust my dreams and my heart. I know we belong together because I have a faith in you unlike the faith I have in anyone else because you bring out the best in me just as I bring it out in you.
I Know we belong Together because I want to love you and do for you all that love entails I want your happiness as much as I want my own, if not more