"Let me go! Let me go!" the girl screamed as she was dragged across the courtyard in the mansion and towards the border of their town off the coast of France. She was ignored and they held harder to her as they took her away from her family and home and everything she loved and valued. She tried kicking and screaming and biting but it didn't seem to work. The men's skin was cold and icy and hard as a rock and it caused her knuckles to bleed when she tried to hit them wildly with her weak and fragile fists. She watched as the monsters' mouths watered before and one bent low to get some of the blood that was spilling from her knuckles.

Instinctively the girl tried to draw her hands away but she was too slow and the creatures too swift.

She would have died if it weren't for the calm and commanding voice that stopped the killer creatures just before they plunged into her.

"Stop this rash behavior!" the man cried coming forward and ripping the girl from the two ravenous men. The girl panted and clutched at her hands and covered them with the sleeve of her laced dress. The two creatures glared up at the man who had stopped them.

"Rash behavior?" one of them mocked. He was the taller of the two. He had long red hair that was tied at the nape of his neck while his eyes were a flashing and hypnotic violent shade of green.

"We need a hostage alive," the girl's savior said stressing the word alive as if the two men were too dim to grasp the meaning.

"Alive," the redhead repeated smirking and spitting in the girl's direction. The girl flinched back into the arms of her savior. He wrapped his arms protectively around her and she knew that among the enemy she would be safe with him.

"Yes," the man repeated backing away with the girl still in his protective arms that were as hard and cold as stone. "She needs to remain alive."

The two of them left the men and the man left the girl toward the ship that was anchored in the harbor of the town. The girl went willingly, knowing that it was useless to protest now. It was all vanity, every last bit of it.

She was led silently down to the lower decks and then the man forced her gently into a small cabin room. He then closed the door, leaving the light off, and she heard the click as the door was locked.

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