I remember his hollow eyes and black hair. I remember when we happened to be sitting next to each other on his roommate's couch and I cracked some stupid fuck-ing joke that only made people laugh because everything did that night. Even casual absurdities like TV commercials and people who dress up their dogs in clothing. I don't remember why it was, but when I made that joke David laughed and looked at me and I looked at him. It was something simple like the brief smiles on our faces that made it clear to both of us, as we slowly turned back to the others, back into the conversation, that we would end up in a bed somewhere before the night was over.

I hadn't really wanted to come over because it was already midnight when we left Donnay's house down the street. We had already gotten drunk, and I knew I was going to drive us home later, so I knew I had to start sobering up. But everyone was anxious and needed to move around. All we knew was that we didn't want to be where we were. The night was really clear and warm even though it had rained all day, so after another twenty minutes of not really getting going but trying to get everyone organized, we carefully went down Donnay's front steps and into the alley, headed for Barber's house.

So we got to Barber's house and there weren't many people there. I didn't want to drink anymore, but they were playing a really fun drinking game and David and Ryan were both begging me to join in and what can I say? I liked the attention. So I said I'd play a bit, just to learn the game.

And I don't remember it now anyway; it had to do with dice and rolling them on a table without letting them disappear off the edge. I ended up really drunk, hanging onto the table and laughing about nothing just like everyone else. Vaguely I remember pulling Jenny aside and saying we should go soon, we have to take the ACT's in the morning. "It's already morning," she said. I looked at the clock and she was right. It was one a.m. I laughed and slapped the sticky table and drank the rest of my beer.

The night dragged on and finally everyone started going to sleep and going home and Jenny wanted me to drive her but I could barely walk and Nick said that his couch was there for us if we wanted it. It was kind of obvious and awkward just then, Barber and Jenny standing there and David and I sitting on the couch next to each other. We were leaning together, touching our arms and legs and backs and necks and hips and everything else we could to get to without removing clothing. Jenny went to sleep, angry and hating me, I'm sure. But it was hard to care because David went in his room and I followed, falling onto his bed gratefully. It was so comfortable that for a moment I forgot all about my libido and decided that the thing which would make me most content would be to sleep. But then he kissed me, and you know how it goes from there. Because the night never really ends, we just think it's over when we close our eyes. We forget that there is no start" and "stop" to this; day and night were invented by businesses, by school boards and subway schedules. The only things that go bump in the night are shoes kicked off onto the floor, knees hitting walls without feeling a thing, or headboards doing what headboards do best.