this story is horror in nature, but it is not very scary when you read it... it was supposed to be a movie, but that never happened:(

Someday I'll make it happen, someday...

This is the ultimate edited version, where I added a great many extentions to the character's stories and such, very many insights to the favorite characters, those being Rex and Malkei, the two being the most unusual and most mischevious of the characters.

This is the only version where I have added an expanded story format in addition to the script format, which involves the characters more and provides a visual detail that is not provided in the script version, pimarily because it was meant to be a movie and there you see the characters and everything, but anyways...

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Helga, Haunted

Story ideas by: Me, Jasmine, and Ashley.

Script/Story by Me

Scene I: Moving In


Setting: Outside the house, the female main character is moving boxes to her house, her parents and sister are also seen moving boxes, she drops the box in the porch and when she turns around she is scared by a boy that stood behind her, she gasps and raises a hand to her collarbone and tries to slow her breathing. The boy introduces himself to her:

Rex Cane: Hi, I'm Rex Cane, I'm your neighbor, I live right up the road over there, points and I saw you here, boxes…

Helga Mangen: (shakes his extended hand) I'm Helga, Helga Mangen. We've just begun moving in… points to the truck. (of which we cannot see from the view) Do you want to help me?

Rex: (shrugs) Sure.

Helga Mangen: (glances at him as she walks back to the truck to get more boxes, he follows her and stops her when she starts to move towards the house with another box) What?

Rex: (standing in her way) Your house is haunted.

Helga Mangen: (scoffs) Are you trying to scare me into moving away?

Rex: (grimacing at her disbelief) I'm serious, (he looks towards the house) this girl used to live there, and no one knows what happened to her, and there's all this strange stuff that happens… (pausing and making a face) you should get a priest or something to examine the rooms or whatever.

Helga Mangen: (sighs) Alright. (puts a big heavy cardboard box in his arms) Enough stories, now help me, will you?


Helga hated moving. She hated it, she was always reluctant to proceed with the moving of boxes, wishing they would change their minds at the last minute. The whole drive to the new house she sat there in the backseat listening to her music while her parents talked about how great this move was going to be for everybody.

Meanwhile Suzy, her sister, smiled the whole time, looking out of the window, as the drove north, closer to the school she had been accepted to, closer to Santa, and even though she didn't believe in it anymore, she still hoped.

"Suzy," the mother said, addressing the younger child, "Your father and I are so proud of you."

Suzy looked at her mother, "Mom, I love you, too."

Her mother smiled and looked at Helga, who she considered to be the troubled older child. She gave her her space, but hoped that she would grow out of this troublemaking phase of hers before it got too far.

Soon, much too soon to Helga's opinion, they arrived at the house.

The late day sun and dark cloudy sky gave a gloomy glow to the house and everything outside.

Helga smiled and stated sarcastically, "Well this place sure is cheery"

Both her parents and her sister turned to look at her, she shrugged and the only sound that broke the awkward silence was the click when she took off her seatbelt.

They then shook their heads and proceeded to exit the car.

She sat there for a little while more, then left to help them unload the boxes and the few groceries they had purchased on the way.

She wondered how boring school would be here, and if there would be anyone around with the same interests as her that would also be interested in her.

As as they worked and the stacks of boxes got smaller, so did the amount of sunlight.

When there were only a few boxes left Suzy stated that she was hungry.

"Let's make some dinner, all the appliances are inside, and the furniture, too, now all we need is the cutlery and plates and such," her mother stated.

"I'll help!" Suzy burst in an expression of eagerness.

Her mother nodded, and motioned for everybody to come inside.

They began walking to the house, but Helga stood there glancing down at her hands, reluctant to enter the house and consider it her new home.

Her father looked back and asked her to come in, but she said she'd rather bring in the rests of the boxes, and besided, there are only a few left.

Her father shrugged, "Just drop them off on the porch, then."

She picked up one of the few remaining boxes, and started towards the house.

She walked, dreading the fact that this was her new home, the first day of school, which was not very far off.

She thought of the last schools she was in as she walked and dropped off the heavy box off.

She stood back and sighed, then turned, and gasps.

Standing before her is a boy, her age, she hopes

She looks into his eyes, they are a light green, mezmerizing and alive, yet the makeup around them made him look dead.

"Nice boots," she remarks.

He looks down, smiles, "Thanks."

"I'm Rex Cane," he says and extends a hand.

She shakes it, almost draws back because they were so cold, "I'm Helga, Helga Mangen"

"I saw you moving the boxes and all," he says as he motions towards the the truck with the boxes, "I live right up the road over there, points and I saw you here, boxes…"

"Do you want to help me?" she asks him.

"Sure," he shrugs.

He follows her and they walk back to the truck.

She grabs a box and when she turns to go he is standing in her way and won't let her pass by.


"Your house is haunted."

She gives him a look, thinking, great, he's crazy.

"Are you trying to scare me into moving away?"

"I'm serious!" he says, grimacing at her disbelief and then looks back towards the house, "girl used to live there, and no one knows what happened to her, and there's all this strange stuff that happens…"

She just stands and stares at him.

"You should get a priest or something to examine the rooms or whatever." He says casually as if it were a normal everyday thing.

She ignores him, sish and gives him the box, "Alright. Enough stories, now help me, will you?"

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