I played your game

And took the risk

With every smile

And every kiss

I stayed in lead

For such a time

Let my guards down

Thought it'd be fine

But then she came

And took my place

And they hurt

Those final days

So tense and mad

That's all my fault

Just couldn't be

That big adult

Almost four months

Off only by days

It leaves my mind

In a deadly haze

But it's all done

My grief is gone

And I can't change

What I did wrong

Though back to you

I will not go

I can't but help

To still care so

Won't say the words

They're lies and cruel

So I am done

With losing this duel

I'm still your friend

Through what may come,

But I don't think

I'll tag for some

Past things that were

Along your ride

My rougher road

Will dampen your pride

I've done enough

My time is up

So now I wish you

The best of luck