Agent Laura

PREFACE: This story takes place in 1973. In this world, Germany won World War Two taking over Great Britain(this world's Winston Churchill died in a traffic accident years before World War Two started).

Britain capitulated after their army got captured at Dunkirk and the Germans sent paratroopers into Scapa Flow.(Scapa Flow is the northern most port in Britain; it's within range of paratroopers if they come in from Norway) Once Germany controlled the port they were able to deploy soldiers into Britain. The Germans took over Britain in less than a year.

When Franco's Spain saw the imminent fall of Britain they attacked and took Gibraltar(a British held fortress on the southern coast of Spain) getting some spoils for themselves. Fascist Italy also made some gains in North Africa as Britain collapsed.

The Royal Navy managed to escape to America along with some key scientists well versed in atomic energy and radar. Even the British Royal Family made it to America and Canada. While the U.S. didn't want to get involved in the war, they stayed wary of Nazi Germany.

The Japanese still attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 waking the not so sleeping giant of the United States. The Japanese were emboldened by the fall of the British Empire taking whatever was within it's grasp in Asia.

However, America was so enraged by Pearl Harbor that the Japanese were hard pressed to keep their stolen gains as the U.S. made Japan it's priority. Australia and Canada also aided the U.S in their war with Japan. Germany decided to stay out of the war with U.S. while planning their eventual invasion of the Soviet Union.

In the spring of 1944, after Germany had taken over all of Europe including fighting a brutal, bloody war with the Swiss, they went after the Soviet Union. By this time Germany had their jet fighters and their much better tanks and equipment. They were much more prepared for the Russian Winter but the Soviets were ready for the Germans too so the war took a long three years with Germany eventually becoming victorious.

America defeated Japan shocking the world by dropping atomic bombs on the country. Germany feverishly tried to make atomic bombs of their own but were far behind the U.S. since many of the best German scientists were Jews who had either escaped to America or been killed in the Holocaust.

After the war was over in Asia, Mao Tse Tung and the Chinese communists fought a civil war with Chang-Kai Shek. The war was inconclusive. But after the fall of the Soviet Union the Chinese communists moved north, merged with the Siberians there and created the People's Republic of Siberia planning another war with Chang Kai Shek's China when the time was right.

While Germany continued with it's holocaust of the Jews, many escaped to Israel with the help of many American Jews who used the chaos and turmoil to good effect. By the 1960's Israel had become it's own nation backed up by the U.S. who wanted an ally against the German influence in the Middle East. America also didn't want Germany having all that oil. The Arab nations surrounding Israel were backed up by Germany except for Saudi Arabia who stayed a neutral arbiter between the two sides. But despite all this Israel remained victorious getting even more land than they had in the first place, land that included a great deal of oil.

By this time Albert Speer is running Germany, Hitler having long since died of old age. Hitler's lieutenants, Goering, Goebbels and the others used assassins to eliminate the others to the point they were all eliminated leaving Albert Speer the last man standing so he took over Germany in 1965. Once he had established his rule he went on with the business of running the country and the empire.


America and the Third Reich are now in a cold war which each other. Both have nukes and are ready to use them. By 1972 after the death of J. Edgar Hoover, women are allowed in the FBI. One of the first graduates of the FBI is Laura Rosenthal. She's 5 feet 2 inches tall weighing 100 pounds. But despite her lack of height and weight she's a dynamo.

In 1954 when four year old Laura and her parents visit Taiwan on a business trip they were kidnapped due to mistaken identity. When the kidnappers figured out they had kidnapped the wrong people they gunned down Laura and her parents leaving them for dead.

Mei Ling, an old Chinese woman, found Laura alive, took her back to her home and nursed her back to health. Since she had no living heirs she trained Laura in her martial arts techniques. In addition to Chinese acrobatic kung fu training and escape artist skills(at which Laura excelled) she put Laura through gung fu(the ability to take a beating) iron skin/steel body(the ability to better withstand killing attacks) tai chi and speed hitting(the ability to hit a target countless times).

After training Laura for four years the old woman passed away in her sleep when Laura was seven years old. When the old woman's friends and neighbors found out about Laura they contacted the U.S. Embassy who had been looking for the little girl for some time. When they brought her back to America her paternal grandparents picked her up and raised her themselves Southern California.

Even though Laura spent the next few years living with her paternal grandparents, a kind hearted Jewish couple, she insisted on taking live threatening risks like climbing 100 foot trees, trying to outrun trains and jump in front of them and getting in fights with boys a lot bigger than she was.

Eventually a tae kwon do master saw Laura's potential and talked her parents into having him train her in his dojo. Even though she trained hard in tae kwon do, it wasn't enough for Laura as she got into boxing, street fighting, wrestling and jiu jitsu. But the meat of her of martial arts was tae kwon do and what she had learned from Mei Ling.

By the time she was 22, she had graduated college with a degree in law enforcement and a minor in psychology. Despite her grandparents protests she decided to apply for a job as an FBI agent. Ever since her parents were murdered she had wanted to do something to fight crime. Since women(and others who weren't white anglo saxon protestants) were now allowed in the FBI, Laura decided this was her chance to make a difference.

AUTHOR NOTES: I'm writing this story from the first person point of view of the main character, Laura Rosenthal. She will basically be telling her own story. If you like the story done this way or if you don't like the story this way send me a review telling me so.


Chapter One

I did it! I did it! I knew I'd become an FBI agent despite how difficult it was! Nobody thought I could do it but I showed them! I hope my grandparents weren't too worried about me. But I was 23 years old and very capable of taking care of myself!

"How does it feel to be the first woman to become an FBI agent?" a high ranking FBI agent asked after I had gotten my diploma.

"It feels great!" I said proud of my achievement.

"Laura," my grandmother said to me. "Why don't you quit the FBI and become a lawyer? You've made your point. If you want to fight crime you can eventually become a district attorney."

"Grandmother. I want to be more hands on. I can handle it. If I wasn't up to it, I would not have graduated the FBI academy. Now don't worry about me," I told my grandmother.

"But don't you understand? There are all kinds of monsters out there the FBI deals with. It's not just all those gangsters but there's the KKK and worse than that, the American Nazi Party! It worries me to think about what would happen if those Bosch wannabes got their hands on you. You know what those people are rumored to have done," my grandfather told me.

"Grandfather. That's one of the reasons I joined the FBI in the first place. I know what the Nazis have done. But I'm not going to hide in fear of them. If they raise up their ugly heads I'll shoot them off! Bang!" I actually gestured shooting someone's head off to the dismay of my grandparents.

"Hello, Agent Rosenthal," a tall gray haired man said walking up to us. He was rather handsome and broad shouldered. He actually looked a lot like Van Williams, the guy who played the Green Hornet on that campy TV show. I knew he was a senior FBI agent so I wondered what he wanted to say to me.

"Hello, Agent Eric Larson," I said still beaming with pride over my accomplishment. "What can I do for you?"

"First you can get that smile off of your face. In case you didn't know I'm going to be your training partner. I was going to retire but I think a wild card like yourself needs someone to keep you in line before you get someone killed."

I blinked my eyes for a moment at the rebuke I had just been given. Then I straightened up, almost at attention. "Yes sir!" I snapped.

"That's much better. So you want to be hands on, do you? I'll accommodate you but I won't do that too often. We already have a job to do in Memphis, Mississippi. There was a lynching of some Negroes there. We've been called in to investigate. So get your ass in gear and meet me at the office in one hour. Move!"

"Yes sir!" I snapped as I ran towards where my gear was. My first job. Wow!"

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