i wish we could have vacations from ourselves
vacations from the voice in our head.
we don't want that voice telling us we're stupid,
we're silly,
we're not good enough.

that kindish, smaller voice,
needs signposts.
heck, it needs a billboard,
to make itself heard.
only positive comments, please,
if you're going to be mean,
then go away.

it doesn't work like that in la-la-land,
and we can't block out that patronizing voice
because we can't block out

i wish that positive voice was a little bit stronger,
i wish it was louder,
i wish it had courage,
i wish it could triumph.

but for now,
that voice in my head,
the one that is snide,
is beating out that positive one.

heck, it's bruising and bashing that positive one,
with it's bent-out and ripped up billboard,
no violence please, i'm the placid one.
and since that positive voice
does not know how to fight,
we are stuck wishing,
for a vacation away from our minds.