You know how people always judge by what you look like, not what you do? Yeah. Well, I'd like to think people would say I'm nice. I'd like to think that they'd think that I'm different, or something. I don't know what I'd like. But I'd like it. And I'm fairly sure people wouldn't describe me as nice. Probably not different either. They would describe me as weird, I think. But what do I know?


At first glance, people actually tell me that I should be in juvy or something like that. Now, that's mostly the old farts. All the teens or like twenty year olds think I'm different or weird or whatever and they should stay away from the strange one who is weird because it might just rub off on them. Oooh, yes, strangeness is now contagious, didn't you know that? I don't know where they get the idea that I'm strange from. I'm 6 feet tall and I have what people described as piercing green eyes. I don't know how eyes can be piercing, since they're like jelly or water or whatever. But they are, apparently. Anyway. I don't know why I'm strange. Maybe it's the people I hang out with.

My hair is really long and black with a couple streaks of blue put in there. Seriously, it's like down to my lower back right now. That's long hair. I have seven ear piercings, no, not all in one ear, thank you very much. That's too much pain. I have three in one ear, four in the other. I also have a very small little diamond stud in my nose. It's not very noticeable unless I'm in very bright lights. But I don't usually go in bright lights other than the sunlight. I'm not some freaky goth chick; I just don't like extremely bright lights, like spotlights or anything like that.

I'm not terribly skinny, but I'm not fat. Tyler tells me that I have a lot of muscle on me. I don't know where I got it since it's not like I work out or anything (actually, that might not be true. I used to go to the gym nearby and work out a little. But it wasn't anything major. I suppose I should go back there soon…keep working on my muscles just in case someone tries something…you know, and I dance. That might do it.). The only thing I really hate about my body (cause every girl hates something about their body…and if you couldn't tell that I'm a girl by this part, you are a stupid person) are my thighs. I mean, they're flabby, they're too big, and I just hate them. I really do. But I'm not going to talk about that. Nope, I'm not. Because that would put me in a depression if I started talking about what I hate about my body. And no one wants that, now do they? No. They don't.

Moving on.

I always wear fun clothes. Well, most people don't describe them as fun, but I do. I wear blue jeans. Sorta tight. But not super tight. And I always wear them Boot Cut cause I can't STAND skinny jeans. I also wear t-shirts. Graphic tees, to be exact. Not like "blood violence gore HOORAY!" graphic, like designs on the shirts and patterns and whatever. You know what I'm talking about. I also wear hoodies. Usually they're black, but every so often, I'll wear my green one (my favorite color is green, by the way, so when I mention green and how much I love it, which isn't very often, you'll know why) just to shock people, or some of my other t-shirts and hoodies which are blue and purple and yellow. Not pink. Ever. They don't expect me to wear color. Although you'd think that the people who have known me for my whole life would know that I love color. They don't. Honestly, I don't know why I hang out with these people. Seriously, I don't. They are total freaks sometimes. But I love them anyways.

Would you like to know some random things about me? Of course you would! Alright, here we go...

I like listening to old show tunes, small children (like babies and one year olds and four year olds specifically) make me smile, I wear very little if any make-up on a daily basis (this means that if I'm going out somewhere special, I'll put on make-up), I type really fast, I enjoy reading horror novels sometimes, I like to snuggle with my really big, really old teddy-bear when I get really, really scared, I get cramps that could cripple a rhino when George visits (you'll learn about that later, trust me), I can out-eat almost anyone, old people scare me, I have never been to a concert, I love my hair and have been known to talk to it and about it to random people on the street, I can draw fairly well, one of my hobbies is mispronouncing words to confuse people, I never paint my nails, I wear two black hair bands on my left wrist at all time, I tend to wear what little jewelry I wear on my left side (like ankle bracelets and the black hair bands and my bracelet) except earrings, I have abnormally straight hair, I hated Elmo as a child, chickens scare me, I hate really long sentences (and I hate this list-sentence of random things about me), and I have never lost a battle with tupperware.

I know you wanted to know all that.

One thing I didn't mention- I'm in a gang. Type thing. People call it Shay's Rebellion (cause, you know, that whole historical rebellion thing with my name and yeah, I'll stop now), but that's another story. Anyways. Ooh, scary gang! I don't know why people think gangs are all bad. We're not, really. Aside from the occasional graffiti-ing bridges (and trains, and buildings, and trees, and…I'll stop now) and shoplifting and fighting with other people that we actually know, not random people in the street, we don't bother people. Well, I don't, at least. I don't know about the others. I just refuse to take part in mugging or holding someone up or whatever it is that they do. It's not me. I don't do anything that's not me, in case you couldn't tell.

So anyway. This is me. This is my story. My name is Shayna (well, not really, but you'll learn about that in good time). Welcome to my life (that sounds so corny to say here, but I don't really care).

This chapter was the first chapter I wrote for NaNoWriMo ever, so I want to dedicate it to all the Nano-ers and the creator of NaNoWriMo and CC, who introduced me to Nano.

Also, I know this chapter is short, next chapter will be short, and the one after that is short too. But after that, they get longer and longer, so don't worry. There are plenty of long chapters in this story.

-Miss Boo